Friday, March 20, 2009

On our way to the "Cines Ideal"( Dr. Cortezo 6)

You know perfectly well the way to the cinema, as we have been doing this little trip for the past four years. Anyway, for the sake of new students and also because it makes a good revision exercise for your probably half forgotten giving directions techniques we are going to try this:

Click here at Cines Ideal , you will find the exact location thanks to Google maps. You can move around the map and find our own Juan de la Cierva School which is located at Calle de la Caoba 1, really near the Acacias tube station.

Find the easiest way to go from school to the cinema. You probably remember from previous years, but alternative routes are possible too.

Once you have found the route, describe it as if you you were giving directions to a lost tourist ( a "guiri" to say it plainly).

You'll have to hand your work in by next week. I'd be grateful if you could include a copy of the map with some arrows which could help me to follow your way.

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