Sunday, November 29, 2009

And now it's football time!

This video gives us examples of IDIOMS related to the world of football.
As you can imagine I dedicate it to Moncef, who is very keen on football apart from being a football referee himself.


Don't forget to write all these idioms down. You have to learn them.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Speaking about ice-skating.....!

This video is dedicated to Monica Alonso who is a good ice-skater and who has given us a lot of new information about he favourite sport in today's presentation.

You see, sport can also teach us English.....look at this video, a very funny way to teach useful IDIOMS, this time related to ice-skating

Enjoy the video and learn the idioms


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Much more multicultural Britain

This time you are going to follow a link which will lead you to an activity called TREASURE HUNT. The treasure is knowledge, so you don't need to arrive first....

You have to answer the questions that are written on the left hand side of the page. The first seven are quite concrete, the last three will make you think longer and are more subjective.

You will find the information on the links on the right hand side of the page.

Answer in writing but you don't need to hand the page in, we will discuss your conclussions in class.

Have it ready for tuesday 17th nov.

Click on this words:

Great Britain: situation, origins and inhabitants

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Alex´s profile

My name is Alex ,I´m 16 years old, I´ve got black hair and green eyes and i´m not very tall.
I´m from Madrid and i live in Madrid with my parents in a flat.
I´m doing first year of social sciences, I´m studying this bachillerato because I want to study
economics and management in the future. My favourite subjects are economy and history .
Out of school I like to be with my friends , go to the cinema , listening to music and all the sports ,specially tennis and table tennis.

Monday, November 9, 2009


We have been working on this subject lately and as you already know, Britain is nowadays formed by many kinds of religiously and racially varied people.

We will keep on learning about that too, but you know anything about who came to the British islands and when?
Click here and look at this presentation called "Coming to Britain".
Write down the different people that succesively arrived in Britain , when they came, why and possibly what they did.

Andrea's profile

Hey I'm Andrea. I was born in Madrid sixteen years ago, seventeen in February. I live in a flat with my parents and my brother. I'm studying first year of bachillerato and in the future I want to be at the university studing publicity. My favourite subjet is English, someday I want to speak english as well as I speak Spanish. I have a normal stature, strange hair and my eyes aren't brown, they're more like honey (I like them!).
I like travelling very much, I also like photography. But what I like the most in the world is music, I can't live without it. I really like "Simple Plan" "Jonas Brothers" "All Time Low" "Taylor Swift" "Fall Out Boy" "Justin Bieber" etc etc etc.... Another thing that I like is to be with my friends. On fridays and also on weekends I spend all my free time with them. Friends are one of the best things that every single person can have. Sometimes it's difficult to know who is a true friend and who isn't, but, when you know it, you feel really good.
And...that's all! xoxo

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Diego's profile

My name is Diego, I'm 16 and I was born in Zaragoza, but now I'm living in Madrid in a flat with my parents, my sister and my dogs.
I'm studying the first course of Bachillerato at the IES Juan de la Cierva, I'm studying Social Sciences because when I pass Bachillerato I want to go to the university to study Economics or something like that.
My favourite subject in Economy but I don't like any of the others subjects, I especially hate Spanish Language and Philosophy .
One of my hobbies is football, but now I'm not playing football in any team. My favourite club is Real Madrid CF, because they can pay whatever, and because it is one of the only two teams of the LFP that has never been on Second Division.

Helena's profile

Hi! My name's Helena.I'm 16 years old.I live in Madrid with my parents and my brother.I have brown eyes and blond hair.I like singing,listening to music and I like going out with my friends. My favourite colour is purple and my favourite food is pizza. One of my favourite hobbies is reading but I also like music very much. I haven't got a favourite singer but I use to listen to Akon and other songs of diferents singers. Now I'm looking for information about "zero assoluto"(an italian group) because I heard one of their songs in a movie and I really liked it. The name of this song is "quello che mi davi tu"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moncef ´s profile

Hi !
My name is Moncef , I am 17. I have got green eyes and I am tall. I live in Madrid. I have a sister who is 14.

My favorite subjects at school are English and economy, I would like to work a year in an english country for, and I like economy because I would like to study to become a broker.

My hobbies are playing football, listening to music, djing, learning new languages, travelling, going out with my friends...
My favorite football club is Arsenal, because I love the way they play, and also, because I admire their manager, Arsène Wenger, who, in my opinion, is the best manager on earth.
As I said before I love djing, I enjoy myself doing it, my favorite DJ is called Tiesto, who is the world´s best DJ nowadays.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi! My name´s Celia. I´m seventeen, I was born in Madrid and I live there in a flat with my parents and my sister. I study first of Bachillerato, Humanities because in a future I will estudy law. My favorite subjet is History, but I hate maths. I like going to the cinema, chatting. playing with the computer, talking on the phone with my friends, travelling,listening music, I like, pop-rock and I prefer the songs in english etc.. But my favorite hobbie is the photography, in the future I will have a lesson on that because for me it´s great!
On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to the Official Languagues School to learn more english I´m at intermediate level one.
Sometimes I go swimming at the weekends in the morning. In the afertoons I go out with my friends, we go to the cinema, go to the parties .. or I stay in my friend´s house to sleep etc..


Hi! My name's Alicia. I'm 16 years old. I have been living in Madrid since I was born. I live in a flat with my family and mi brother. I've brown eyes, long,straight,fair hair.
I play volleyball twice a week in my school. I have played it for 2 years. I like doing sports, I do swimming, basketball, athletics and volleyball. In my free time I like watching TV, speaking with msn or on the phone, going out with my friends, going to the cinema.. but I don't like reading.
I like travelling too. I travelled to Germany, France, Portugal, Ireland and Britain. I would like to travel to Japon and Iceland, too.
On Fridays an sometimes saturdays I'm going out with my friends an on sundays and sometimes on saturdays I study.
In the school my favourite subject is p.e. and I hate maths. I like a lot of types of music, but I don't like so much English music.
In my holidays I usually go to Barcelona the summer and at Chistmas, because I have a los of relatives there.
In my future I would like to study p.e.

monika II 's profile :)

My name´s Monica Alonso and I´m 16.
I live in Madrid (in a neighbourhood called Arganzuela) with my parents, my older sister and my little dog.
I'm very cheerful and I'm not lazy at all. I love music and ice-skating (in fact, I've been receiving piano and ice-skating lessons since I was a child)
On weekends, I spend my time going out with my friends (who I love) and going out and going to the cinema or shopping.
I love people who smile and are funny because I think laughing is the best virtue thar people can have.

Monicaa :)