Monday, January 25, 2010

Letter about Christmas in Spain

i Liz! :) My name's Alicia. I'm 16 years olds, my birthday is 8 of February!

I live in Madrid, near the center. I study in Juan de la Cierva, near my house. I study 1 bach, Humanidades.

At Christmas, first, I go to Barcelona during Christmas eve and Christmas, with my family, because I have a lots of relatives there. There I stay in my cousin's house. Usually i go out with my cousin's friends, go to the cinema, stay with my family..

At Christmas we eat Galets, a typical food in Cataluña; the others days we eat differents foods.

Then, 29 of December, I go to Madrid, and I celebrate here New year eve and New year.

On 31 of December I go to my grandmother's house, we dinner and at 12:00 a.m we eat 12 grapes to celebrate new year, we drink champan and throw streame.

On 6 of January we celebrate the three wise men. I wake up, and I with my parents and my brother looking for the presents in my house. Later we go to my aunt's house, and we take more presents. This day I breaksfast with my parents and my brother, “roscon de reyes” with chocolate, is a typical of Spain. Later I eat with my family in my house.

Tell me about your Cristhmas holidays!

Kiss! :)

Letter about Christmas in Spain


My name is Carmen, I’m sixteen years old. I live in Madrid with my family and I’m studying first of bachillerato. I’m going to tell you about my Christmas holidays, another day I will write you about my life here, my family, my hobbies, etc.
During the Christmas holiday I stayed in Madrid with my family and my relatives. The first day I celebrated was Christmas Eve. I spent this day at home, only with my parents and my sister. First of all we cooked the dinner. After that we had dinner and we listened to my father’s old vinyl, I love that and I really enjoy listening to it. We went to bed at nearly five o’clock in the morning.

When we got up we had a little present, I normally have a little present on Christmas Day but it is not very common to have presents this day. On Christmas I stayed at home with my family and we had lunch. After that we sleeped because we were very tired.

The second important date is New Year’s Eve; in Spain we celebrate it in a different way from other countries. I spent this day at my uncle’s house, with my parents, my sister, my cousins, my uncle and his wife. We had dinner a lot of food that I don’t remember, after that we listened to music and I helped my cousin to dress up for her party. At twelve o’clock we ate the twelve grapes and we drunk champagne, also my little sister. We went back home at four o’clock in the morning and we slept the rest of the “night”.
On New Year’s Day I had lunch with my relatives at home, at six o’clock my relatives returned to their houses because they were really tired.
During next week I helped my family to buy the presents for the Three Wize Men’s Day. On January the sixth we got up in the morning and we opened our presents, we had breakfast and we went to my ‘grandmother’s’ house and we continued opening presents. We had lunch together and we ate a typical Christmas sweet, finally we returned home.
The last few days I went out with my friends. This holiday was very tiring but I like it.

See you soon,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Letter about Christmas in Spain:

Hello Liz! What's up?

My name is Andrea and I'm 16. I live in a flat here in Madrid. I'm in 1º of bachillerato. I'll say you more about me in the future, ok?

Now I'm going to tell you how I spend my Christmas holidays.

We finished our school the 21th of December so that day I met all my friends, we had a great time! The next few days were days about shopping because I didn't bought Santa's presents yet, and then the Christmas Eve came. I spend this night with my relatives, we were nine in my aunt's home. After dinner we played Wii and we saw some tv but we returned to home a little early because I have a little cousin and he had to sleep. When I woke up I went to my dining room and there were a lot of presents under my Christmas tree so I woke up my parents and my brother and we opened the presents all together. It was funny! Santa gave me so many presents like a CD and a aim for my camera. Then we prepared everything for our lunch for Christmas Day because we'll have lunch in my home. At lunch we were only six but it was funny too. The last days of 2009 I met some friends and things like that and, at last, New Year Eve came. This night it's like everyone has to be more than beautiful so I spend all the day sleeping and making up myself. I had a super dinner at my home with my relatives and, like every year, at 12 o'clock we ate the 12 grapes. Then I went out with some friends to have party, it was really nice! At 8am, after party we go to a cafeteria and we ate chocolate with “churros” because here it's like a tradition to have this for breakfast the first day of the year. Then I returned to home and I went to my sweet bed. It was so cold outside so it was good to be at last there.

I was pretty tired but at 2pm more or less I had to wake up and make me up because my relatives were there to have lunch. It was a little mess because I had to do everything a like in five minutes but at last I looked good. I didn't understand it very well but after the super dinner of the last night my parents made a super lunch but I didn't eat so much because I didn't can.
I remember that I didn't have a nap, I don´t know why but I saw Skins because I were a little addicted to this serie. The next few days I were a little bored because the most of my friends were out of Madrid so someday I had nothing to do, but not everyday because some of them were here so we met. Also that days I went to buy some presents for my relatives because I haven't everything ready for the special 6th of January. At last this night came, the three wish man were on town! The morning of the 7
th my mum woke me up because it was like I forgot that when I'll leave my bed I'll have some presents under my tree, I don't understand how I can forgot this, but anyway, I think it was normal because my brother forgot it too. My parents, my brother and I went to our dining room and, like in Christmas day with the present for Santa, we opened all our presents together. Then we ate Roscon de Reyes, it's a round cake with a hole in the middle that everyone eat here this day for breakfast or when they want. Is delicious!

And well, few days after I had to go back to school routine, I don't like the idea of have to wake up early and study and all these things but I think that the world wants us to like the school or something, because everyone were a little depress for the first day of school but, when we woke up, something was different, the street was white! It was incredible, all corners of the city were capped and here in Madrid we haven't this much of snow everyday... there was so much snow that closed schools, so we could play in the snow all day! It was really funny! I think it was the best first day of school ever! And well, that was my Christmastime, I hope you like it.

And, nice to meet you! :)

Letter about Christmas in Spain:

Hi Cheyenna!

My name is Helena and I'm sixteen years old. I'm studying first of Bachillerato (science) in the Juan de la Cierva high school. I live here, in Madrid (Spain) with my parents and my brother, but I will tell you about my family in another letter, now I'm going to speak about how I spent my Christmas!^^

In Spain we have three important celebrations in Christmas that are Christmas Eve (with the Christmas Day), New Year's Eve (with the New Year's Day) and the Three Wise Men Day (I think it's the most important celebration and it consist in three old men (kings) that bring presents to the children when they're sleeping, more or less like Santa Claus, but this three men were the same that brought incense, gold and myrrh for the baby Jesus.

I spent the Christmas Eve with my parents, my grandparents, my uncles, my aunts and with my cousins of my mother's family and I enjoyed it because we laughed and played a lot. One of the games we played was the sing star and I took it from my home because I love singing (and dancing too).

The other days I met with my friends to go to the cinema, to go to an ice rink, etc...Or just to go out for a walk while we were looking around downtown, that was very nice with all its lights and all its giant trees and all the people taking a walk and looking the storefronts. There were people singing in the street and doing other shows that people were looking too.

And when the New Year's Eve arrives I ate the twelve grapes at twelve o'clock like all the years (here, in Spain it's a tradition that consist in eat one grape for every month of the year to have good luck).And when you're eating a grape on each stroke you're very nervous haha because you think that you're not going to have time to chew it!. Then I met with my friends at 2 am and we went to a party until 7 am, and at this time we went to a chocolate to have “churros” with hot chocolate. The “churros” are very common in Spain and if you come here, you have to test them because they’re really good!

I enjoyed so much the New Year’s Eve because we were dancing in a disco and was very funny haha.

On the 2nd of January I went to Andorra to ski with my family. I’ve been skiing since I was 4 years old and I really love it! In the mornings I went to a ski course and in the afternoons as my parents were very tired they went to the hotel and my brother and I stayed skiing until closed the ski trail. So for this reason we have to pass the Three Wise Men Day in Andorra and when we arrived here in Madrid our house was full of presents!

And 3 days after that we had to start classes…(aaagg )

I hope you liked my letter!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Letter about Christmas in Spain:

Hi, Rebecca!

I´m Sara. I´m sixteen years old and I live in Madrid.

I celebrated Christmas holidays few days ago that´s why I want to tell you about Christmas and in the next letter I´ll speak about me.

This Christmas I was with my relatives and friends. On Christmas Eve I was only with my parents and my sister.

At night of 31 december it´s typical to celebrate “Nochevieja”(New Year´s Eve), in this night is typical dinner something special and gather with the relatives. This New Year´s Eve I spent with all my relatives. This night was very funny, I had a very good dinner with my relatives, we are chatting and joking, we ate at twelve o´clock the twelve grapes and drunk champagne, and we had a cotillion.

The next day I was very tired, but I spent too with my relatives. This day was too my aunt with her husband and their newborn baby, who is very lovely.

In Spain we celebrate “the Three Wise Men”, in this tradition the children write letters for “the Three Wise Men”, who leave presents in their houses the night of 5th January.
On the 6 of January I received a lot of presents: a book, money, clothes…and my family and sister too received a lot of presents and we ate “roscón” and chocolate.

This holidays I hung too with my friends, I went to the cinema and I went to shopping with my friends. And I had to do homework and study too.

I hope your answer!!!

Goodbye : )

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hello Cheyenna!:

My name is Mónica and I'am sixteen years old, I'm from Madrid, and I'm studying first of bachillerato (humanities) in Juan de la Cierva school. I live in a little flat, only with my parents,because I haven't got brothers or sisters.

But in this letter I don't going to speak about my family or about the things I love, I have to tell you my christmas holidays!

I don't know if American christmas there are like here, but in Spain christmas are to be in family, at least the three importat days, and their nights: Christmas' Eve (and Christmas day), New year's Eve(and day) and finally the three wise men day, the other days are to relax yourself(and sleep) and for go out all the day with your friends. Some people go to other countries because we have two or three weeks of holidays, but I usually stay in Madrid in Christmas and I travel in summer time.

Now, I'm going to talk you about this holidays.

I've spendt it in madrid, and in the morning, I don't know why really, but my mother say that I can't go out so every morning I woke up late(but no too late) and I love reading so I have read a lot: Millenium(first and second books), El nombre de la rosa( I don't know how is the traduction), and Life of Galileo Galilei.

Every mornings, I've seen an episode of the tv serie ''Lost'' because I have all the dvds.

In the afternoon I went out with my friends everydays, this holidays has been the best Christmas in my life, I didn't do anything special, but all the days has been really funny, sometimes we went to ice skating, or we went to the city center wich was really beautiful, or we went to the home of somebody...

I went out all the afternoons because in the school time, I haven't time to go out many days, because I do rhytmic gimnastics and Saturdays and Fridays I have to go to the trainer.

On the special days I stayed with my relatives:

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:

I went to Navalcarnero, where my mother was -born, with my mother's relatives, and I passed all the night with my little cousins and my old cousin, too. I slept there, so Christmast day I ate in Navalcarnero in my uncle's home. Santa came with presents like make up, and clothes...

New year eve and day:

In new year eve I was with my friend Elena all the afternoon, after, around eight o'clock I went to Fuenlabrada to my aunts' home, with my father relatives, it was funny because they are all crazy. People went out in Madrid, but I couldn't because I was in Fuenlabrada, this night you can go out with your friends to celebrate the new year, and you pass the night in a place you rented before. I thing you know it, but in Spain at 12.00 you eat the 12 grapes, it's to be lucky the new year. I slept there too. And in the new year day I went at cinema with my parents, and we saw '' Celda 211'' a Spanish movie.

The three wise men day:

My family went to my home and we ate the typical ''roscón''. Next morning went I wake up I had a lot of presents under my christmas tree, things like money, clothes, perfumes... and this kind of things from my family, and a friend bought me an complet temporade of ''friends'' I love it since I was sevent more or less, and Carlos, another friend, gave me tickets for the musical Chicago, wich is great! and more things!

I love Christmas because you can go out all the days and you can do many diferent things buy presents, and you can stay with your family too, and the street is beautiful...ah! And people is more happy only because ''IT'S CHRISTMAS!''

I wait for your answer! (:


Letter about Christmas in Spain

Hi, Brittany
My name is Clara. I’m 16 years old. I live in
Madrid in a flat with my family (my mother and my father).
I will tell you how we passed the Christmas holiday:

In Christmas Eve: My family went to my house and we ate here. The food consist in
Lamb, seafood, my mum’s soup this is a family tradition and everybody said which soup was the best soup who have taken, appetizers, salad and the dessert was gelatine because my mum know which dessert is my favourite because I don’t like the sweet dessert. Later We stayed in the living room and we told about all

In Christmas Day: The most important was I opened the presents. This year I received clothes, boots and a handbag. I like my presents. My mum received a book and my father received an agenda. Before I walked with my family and we ate in my house. This day is to spend with the family.

In New Year Eve: In the evening my family was nervous completely because everybody was prepared for this night. This year I wear a black dress with boots. In Spanish tradition the first the family ate together and later the young went out and went to disco or party. I went to party with my friends this year. I pass it very well and I “slept” in friend’s house.

In New Year: I went back to my house at
one o’clock so I was tired because I didn’t sleep anything this night. My parents ate with my aunt and I went to sleep all the day.

The night of the three wise men: In Spanish tradition the family meets and the children of the family were nervous because this night the "kings" come and give presents. These traditions are based on the Magic king from the East

The day of the three wise man: When I woke up I went to living room beside the Christmas tree and I saw the presents, I receive a ring, a necklace, a shirt and a mobile. My mum receives a necklace. My dad a purse and my aunt a bracelet

The days before I started going to school to do my homework.

This is all I did on holidays

I hope your answer me soon


Letter about Christmas in Spain.

Hello Emilee! :)

My name is Lucía. I am from Madrid. I am sixteen years old. I am a student from first bachillerato.

Iam going to tell you about Christmas.

In Spain, in the Christmas we celebrated first Christmas Eve and normally meet with ours relatives and have dinner together. It is typical seafood dinner. We usually sings carols and go to bed to late.

In this night cames Santa Claus and brings presents for everyone. The custom of Santa Claus gifts let alone have it because some families are more common in Spain as of the Three Wise Men.

For example in my family the gifts are left by the Three Wise Men.

The next day is Christmas Day and the children get up to early to see their presents and play with them. This day is also typical to eat with our family.

This year the Christmas Day I went to my village and there is customary to make a big fire and sing carols around all night.

Then the day 31 of December, New Years Eve, again we met with our relatives and once again dinner together. In this night, when the twelve o’clock is a custom to eat 12 grapes while sound the twelve chimes in the clock for “Puerta Del Sol”. After eat the grapes we provide with champaign and welcome the New Year.

In this night the young people leaving party at a disco and celebrate the night with the friends. They spend the night out in the morning and take chocolate.

Then, having started the year on the 5th January for the evening is the parade of the Three Wise Men. All children look on this night the Kings have read your letters and leave them gifts because they have been good all year.

The Magic Kings through the streets of Madrid on a float along with the pages for kids to see. And at night leave gifts for every children.

It is customary that when children have not been good during the year the Three Wise Men gifts rather than leave them coal.

On the 6th January all children get up early and nervous to open all their presents. The day of Kings I am going to eat at my uncle house and visit my cousins and give the presents. My cousins this morning are very nervous because they are anxiously awaiting their gifts.

This year I have left clothes, colognes, pijamas , shoes...

That is all.
I await your response :)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to work after Christmas

We are going to try a new experience which is having some American pen-pals through Internet.
Our new friends are high school students as you and they live in a small town in Wisconsin called Waupun. I hope we can learn a lot about the American way of life from their letters.
For the moment you are going to post your own letters here on the blog.
As I told you, you are going to tell the American students about your past Cristmas holidays. In future letters you will write about your families, the school, your interests and hobbies and also about Madrid and the way teenagers live in a big city.