Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ready to write on the blog?

Dear students,
I have already allowed you to add your comments on the blog. You might have received an automatic message inviting you to take part, but I am not sure.
Next week I'll give you a task to do on the blog, but just to see if it works, could you please try to write something, like " I got the message" or just say hello and write your name? Thanks
See you on Tuesday

Rosa Guitart

Friday, September 18, 2009

A new school year in an American secondary school

Sorry, dear students, the video about a British school that I wanted you to see has been taken out from you tube and I haven't been able to find another one yet.
Anyway I have found this nice video that has been made by some American high school students.

The language is difficult to understand except when the people who speak are the teachers, no wonder...! and the sound at our school's computers is dreadful. I'm afraid you'll have to listen to the video at home.

Don't worry too much about the sound anyway, and just watch it, see how different this school is from a Spanish school, how different the students are as well and start getting used to the American accent.

Watch it again and take notes about the following:
1- The different school areas that are shown in the video.
2- The different people that appear in the video.

Get ready to talk about the school and the students and teachers that appear in the film.

To my 1st Year D and E students : welcome !

This is our new class blog.
As your teacher I will of course be the blog master, but in the future I will learn how to give you access to it and you will be able to edit your own texts on it. I hope we will manage to record ourselves, too.
Have a look around the things I wrote when I was learning how to set up a blog at the end of last year.
Some of the things are a bit silly because they were just exercises, but others are nice, like the preliminary work I prepared for my 1st year students last year before our visit to the cinema to watch "Gran Casino" , the film by Clint Eastwood.
You must also have a look at the video I found in You tube about a group of British schoolgirls who are showing us around their school and their neighbourhood. You will start getting an idea of what a British school and British kids are like.
This is all for the moment.
Enjoy the blog, it's yours