Saturday, October 31, 2009

Alejandra's profile

Hello! my name is Alejandra, I live in madrid(the capital of Spain) with my parents and my brother.
Now I am 15 years old but in December I will be sixteen! so I am the youngest of my group of friends...
I am in first year of "bachillerato" in social sciences and in the future I want to go to the university and I want to be an actress because I love cinema and theatre and I have been going to drama lessons since I was eight years old
I like listening to music, staying with my friends just talking and I love travelling and I wish I could travel around the world in the future.
kisses :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lozi´s profile!!!!!!!

Hi!In this blog I am Lozi. I was born in Madrid and I live in Madrid. I study in a secondary school in the branch of social sciences, but I am not sure about what I want to study yet.
I want to learn English because I think English is very important these days, for that reason I write on this blog ; because I want to improve my English.
I love reading; I like a lot of kinds of books, I read comics, novels...
I like listening to music: I listen to different kinds of music depending on the moment.
I like watching TV, but I don´t like horror films,
I like hanging out with my friends and travelling, too.

Monica's profile!

I'am Mónica and i'am 16 years old. I live in Madrid.
I love a lot of things like theatre,cinema, sports or singing,,,!
My favourite colour is purple.
And I really love reading, I read all kind of books,and if i can,i read a little everyday, now i'am reading''La vida es sueño''.
I my free time i like going out with my friends,but i haven't got much time,because the thing i really love is rhytimic gimnastics, and that steals me a lot of my time to go out.
I like all types of shows like ballet,theatre, concerts...
I love the music too,and i want to learn to play the guitar, but it's not possible now,because I HAVEN'T TIME!!!
In the futur I want to study something like publicity, philosofy or journalism, I don't know it yet,and i want to study drama at the RESAE,but it's difficult.
I want to ve a rhytmic gimnastics trainer too!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carmen´s profile

my name is Carmen, i´m sixteen years old. Ihave curly brown hair and green eyes and i´m not very tall, but it doesn´t matter.
I like photography but I´m not going to any lessons, so it is like a little hobbie; I take fotographs when I´m with friends or when I´m with my family, but the fotographs aren´t good.
I also like music, I think that i like nearly all types of music but I don´t like all singers.
An other thing that I relly like is the cinema, no the place, films. I like films from nowdays but my favourites are old films.
Reading is another hobbie that i have, I enjoy reading books, my favourite book is "100 years of solitude", I think is very original.
I like all things that I´ve already said, but the thing I like the most is hanging out with my friends and stay with them.

Clara Santos =D

My name is Clara. I'm 16 years old
I live in Madrid with my father and my mother so I'm an only child
I go to " Juan de la Cierva" secondary school and I'm studying 1º year bachillerato
On weekends I go out with my friends an We go to the cinema, stay in the park, do shopping..
I like dancing, readind romantic books, watch my series on TV especially "Fisica o Quimica" and "Sin tetas no hay paraiso" chatting with msn and listening to music especially r&b, hip-hop, pop and latin music.
On holidays I travel to Asturias with my family because We have a flat there
I often go to the disco with my friends, I like it very much
I know more or less how to play the piano because when I was a child I went to piano lessons
In the future I would like to study psychology because my cousin stduying this and I talked with him about the subject and I like it.
That's all

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lucía Segoviano :)

Hello ! :)
My name is Lucía Segoviano. I am sixteen years old and study at the “Juan de la Cierva” secondary school. I study social science bachillerato. I study this bachillerato because I wasn´t good at maths and numbers in general.
I like theatre and I am in a drama group. I have been doing it for several years, but althought I like it, I see it difficult to engage in such a complicated world or see it as a serious job. It is a hobby that I really enjoy and in addition and meet many people.
In my free time, I am on the computer, I listen to music and go out with my friends.
Some weekends I go to my village, wich is in Guadalajara, and there I am with my family and my friends. When I go there , as there are not many people I like to relax.
That´s all.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween is coming!

Hello everybody!
I hope you will have already found lots of information about halloween as I told you to do, but just in case, I'll give you a link here to a very interesting page I've found which gives very clear information about how this time of the year is celebrated in several countries.

Monday, October 19, 2009

This is Halloween

Watch this extract from the old film by Tim Burton "Nightmare before Christmas"

I will bring you the lyrics on wednesday. You can also find them here

Find information on the Internet about Halloween for next week, that is to say, just the week before Halloween.
Get ready to speak about Halloween, its origins and ways to celebrate it.
What is the traditional way of celebrating the 1st november in our country?
Can you think of any other traditions for this time of the year...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Written task for this weekend

Open again the page about Craigh, the lovely English child, and find the link called "Read about what Ross does after school" at he bottom of the page
Ross is another nice little boy who goes to football training practice after school.
Write something similar about one of you hobbies at the bottom of this entry, in the comments, section.
Write something from 60 to 80 words, more or less. And write your name and surname at the end.
Have a nice weekend

Friday, October 9, 2009

Task for "El Pilar" long weekend

As I told you in our class on Friday, you have to prepare a short presentation on the subject
" A day in the life of a teenager in Spain" .
In order to prepare this you can see the web page entitled " A day in the life of a child in England" that is posted right below.
You can use it as a guide although it will probably have to be quite different because of the age difference . Feel free to do any changes you like.

Have a nice weekend¡

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A typical day for a child in England

You have all been speaking about yourselves and your families these days, and you managed quite well.
Let's see now how a typically English child describes his life, his family, his neighbourhood and his daily activities and routines and his hobbies.
He is a lovely child, although much younger than you, my dear teenagers. We'll work on it anyway as I find it really interesting. Lot's of information about the "truly" English "way of life".

Click on this link: A typical day for a child in England

Welcome again!

I see that most of you have already added a comment on the blog and consequently your names appear on the bottom right side of the page. You are free to add a photo to your profile if you like. In fact I find it a good idea. I might think about it mysef, too.
I hope the few people who aren't still there will manage to get in soon.
See you tomorrow.