Friday, March 26, 2010

My future studies

I'm going to talk about my future studies:
In the future I would like to study physical education. I have been thinking this since I was 14 years old. I'm going to study Inef because I like sports very much and I don't like other studies. I have always been good at sports. Since I was little I have been practising a lot of sports: basktelball, athletics, swimming, volleyball.. Besides my brother also studied this and told me a lot of interesting things about it.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Until a few weeks ago I didn't know what I wanted to study, but these days I've been thinking and I think I'm sure what I will do: I will study philosophy.
People say it has no future if you didn't want to be a teacher, before I didn't want to be a teacher but now but now I wouldn't mind.
I've decided I want to study it because I really like philosophy, and I think that it offers many posibilities only because it is really hard and you can learn about many differents things, and as a friend of mine told me, it makes you creative and teaches you to write and especially to think more.
Otherwise I love the film world, so I would also like to devote myself to it, especially as a screenwriter, but this is a difficult profession.
So mainly, I want to study philosophy.

My future studies.

I´m not sure about my future, because I like two diferents thigns such as studing law at the university or becomig a police woman, but I believe that I´m going to prepare the competitive exams for the police, because all my uncles are working there and I like it very much. If I pass the competitive exams to enter the police, I´ll have to go to a police academy for nine months.

Celia (:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Future Studies

When I finish school. I don't know what I'm going to study but I have got two ideas.

The first one is: I'm going to university and studying psychology because I like it and my cousin is studying that and the explained me the subject and I like everything buy I don't know if the mathematics they do are very hard for me

And the second idea is: I'm going to university to study Economics and Management because now I like economics and I think it is interesting and I always wanted to be in an office but the problem is that I don't want to go out of Spain.

But I 'm waiting to see my marks of the university entrance exam and I will see my possibilities.

Clara Santos Fernández

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My future studies

I´m going to talk about my future studies.
Now I´m 16 and when I finish Bachillerato I will do the university entrance exam.
I´m good at subjects like maths and because of that I would like to study economy or computer studies, I like them very much.
But I really don´t know what I´m going tu study yet.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My future studies:

I am in first year of bachillerato in the branch of social sciences, because I don´t like maths and I like reading and languages.
I want to go to university in the future, but I don´t known what I want to study yet. I have in mind some options: when I was child I wanted to be a teacher and I like the studies of psychology and journalism, too. I also like languages very much; and in a computer test about my studies, they recomended me to study languages.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've thought many times about my future. It is sure that I'm going to study at University when I finish Bachillerato, but I haven't decided what studies yet.
What I definitely know is that I want to work with people. I hate offices and jobs in which you must be sitting all day in front of a computer or in a laboratory. That is not for me.
The main option I'm considering is Primary or Nursery School Studies mixed with Psychology. I love kids, and in this job I could help them to have a great childhood.
But I would love to work as a clothes or furniture designer as well. I love fashion, and my sister and mother ask me many times what they could wear to go to a party, for example.
I'm very confused because I like all Social Studies, but I suppose when the moment comes, I'll choose the best option for me.

My future studies,

When I finish high school I would like to go to university. I still don't know what I'm going to study but there are different things that I like. One of these things is journalism, I like it because I enjoy writing and I'm interested in the current situation. Another thing that I like is economics but I don't think I will choose it because I like parts of the economy, no the whole subject. And finally I would like to study to be a teacher because I like children and I think it's a beautiful career.


My future studies

Since I was eightI have wanted to be an actress so I have been studying drama for 9 years and honestly , I don't see myself doing anything different. I want to be an actress because going to drama lessons makes me feel good with myself and I think cinema, theatre and TV help people in many different ways in their lives, for example it teaches people, it makes people think about different subjects of life or just helps people to have a great time and to forget their lives for two hours. I will be really happy if I just work at drama teaching.
I want to study "publicity and public relationships" as well, because it is a branch of study wich needs creativity and I want to do something different from being infront of a computer.

My future studies

When I was a child I was thinking a lot of things that I wanted to be when I was older, but definitely I decided last year that I want to study publicity.
Last year we had to know what we wanted to study because we had to choose some subjects so, after thinking a lot, I realized that advertising has everything I like.
Now that I have more information I've decided to study image at the same time as publicity because it is very similar and I like it too and, if I do this, I would have better cualifications by the time I have to look for a job.

My future studies

When I finish school I would like to study drama. This is what I like because I love theatre but I really think that it is very complicated because it isn´t esay to find a job.
Also I want to have a good carreer as a teacher. I like this too and I think that this is much easier for finding a job. I love children and I would like study to be a primary school teacher.
Perhaps, I will study to become primary school teacher and then continue with theatre but not in a professional way.
Lucía :)

My future studies

I'm going to talk about my future studies!:)
When I finish school I would like to study odontology, but I don't know if my average mark will be good enough.
For this reason I don't know what I'm going to study.It's very confusing because I like technical drawing but I couldn't do architecture or something like this because to do that you really have to love maths and I don't.
I have also thought of doing publicity but only if I can't get into odontology. So this is my second option and I love photografy too but I think of it just as a hobbie. So, I'm a bit lost at the moment.