Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hello Grace
Are you ok? I´m going to talk about me and my life in Madrid.
I live in a flat with my parents, my sister and my two dogs.
My father is Diego, he works like a taxi driver, he is 37 years old.
My mother is Sara, she works like a branch manager of a bank, she is 36 years old.
My sister is Laura; she is 4 years old, and she like to makes my life imposible.
I´m studing first of Bachillerato, I´m studing Social Sciences, if I pass the Bachillerato I will like to go to the university to study economics or something like that.
About my hobbies I like going to the cinema; play football with my friends and read some books, I like too much the mistery books.
What kind of books do you like?
I will be waiting your letter


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hi Megan .
How are you? Now I´m going to talk you about my life: I live in a flat with my parents in Madrid.
My mother´s name is Elena , she designes the airport shops in a multinacional enterprise.
My father´s name is Jose , he designes maps of the roads.
I´m studyng first of bachillerato and in two years i will go to the university , I would like to study economics or law.
About me ,I like all the sports , specially tennis , soccer and table tennis. I´ve got a lot of hobbies like reading , go to the cinema , listening to music (specilly rock)
What kind of music do you listening? do you like rock?
About Avatar I dont really like it.
I hope to hear about you soon .bye

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello Britany!!
How are you? You didn’t answer me, so I supposed you have some problem with my email address, don’t worry!
Today I’m going to talk to you about my family, my studies, my hobbies, etc.
Well, I live in a flat in the centre of Madrid with my parents and my brother. My father’s name is Manuel but all people name him “Lolo” or “Manolo”. He is 47 going to 48 in May. My mother’s name is Isabel and she is 43 going to 44 in May too. Both of them aren’t very tall, so my brother and I are a little short. I have got a very good relationship with my parents, we talk about everything and they trust in my. When I was a child I had got a better relation with my father but now I think that I tell my mother more personal thing, I guess it is normal because I’m girl. My brother is 14 going to 15 in November and his name is Andres. I love him. We are more than brother and sister, he tell me his secrets and his doubts. Of course we have an argue many times but when we solve the problem we are always laughing.
I’m doing first of “bachillerato”, I think you don’t know what it is; “bachillerato” are two years between high school and the university, in “bachillerato” you have to choose your subjects depending in what you want to be in the future. I’m doing social bachillerato, so my special subjects are economics, history and easy maths. The rest of the subjects like language, English, philosophy and sports are the same for all bachilleratos. My best friends do French but I prefer four extra hours of English. In the future I want to be an actress so I’m going to study drama in Madrid and one year I want to study in New York or London. I think I’m going to study publicity too, because to be an actress is difficult and I want to have more ways.
The next week I’m going to go to an actors’ agency to do a casting. I’m very excited!!!
It’s not very difficult to know what my favourite hobby is: Theatre, but I like staying with my friends just talking, laughing, etc. I like walking a lot, listening to music, ...normal things haha
Best wishes!


Hi Emilee!

First of all, excuse me because I couldn't write to you sooner, but I've been ill during almost 3 weeks and I couldn't go to class! I'm so sorry..but anyway, now I'm very happy to get in touch with you!

I'm Monica. I was born on April the 30th in 1993, so now I'm sixteen, but in 2 month's time I'm seventeen!

I live in a flat near the centre of Madrid since I was born.
There, I live with my parents, my little dog (called Koopy) and my sister Irene. She is 18 and we get on very well, we sometimes argue because of sharing our clothes, but usually we have fun and laugh with each other. Now she's studying Medicine at University (she's one of the most intelligent persons I've ever met!) whereas I'm still in 1st of Bachillerato of Social Sciences.
When I'm older, I want to work with children (I love them), but also I'd love to work in Advertising, or as a psycologist, or as a designer and decorater.

I have lots of hobbies, but, definetely, ice-skating and music are my favourite ones. I've been playing piano and practising this sport since I was 5.
Also I love taking photos, shopping and, of course, being with my friends. Normal things, I suppose :)

I hope to hear from you soon!

Monica :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi! How are you ?
Is it all right ?
I am Moncef ,writing to you again. This time, I am going to tell you about my family.
Well , my family consists of my father , my mother , my sister and me . We all live in a flat , which is in the center of Madrid. My father is a teacher and a lecturer at the same time , because he teaches in a High School and also at he university. However , my mother is a nurse. My sister and me are still studying.
Speaking about studies , and if you want me to be fair with you , I have to tell you that I don´t like studying so much , but anyway , I think it is important. Now , I am studying first of Bachillerato , because afterwards , I would like to pass the university entrance exams. My sister is studying in the High School.

My hobbies are going out , speaking to my friends , playing with Xbox , learning new languages , djing , soccer refereeing , chating by sms, playing soccer , going out ...
What about you? What do you do in your free time ?

Looking forward to your answer !


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letter about me:

Hi, Rebecca!

How are you?I read your letter and it liked a lot.

I told you in the last letter that I was going to speak about me in this letter. I live in Madrid in a flat with my parents and my sister.

I study in the high school, I´m in first of bachillerato on the branch of social sciences, because I don´t like maths... it´s so difficult to understand for me, that´s why I choose the "easy maths". Too I study this year for first time economics. It´s difficult, but I like it more than maths!!! I like too the new subject: English oral communication; it´s more fun that the common English lesson, because we don´t study pages and pages of grammar, we practice amusing talks in differents situations, we watch videos and we listen music in English that we can´s very interesting for me.In the future, I´m not sure what I want to study yet. But I have in mind some options: I like journalism, psychology...because I like arts and the learning diferent languages.

I have a lot of hobbies:I like listening to music, watching TV, travelling, dancing, going out with my friends...I love too reading, but I don´t have a lot of time ,so I read in the summer holidays and at the weekend.I usually read books for teenagers,mistery books, comics,novels...So I use my free time for I reading( the last book that I read was "Breaking Dawn" of the saga Twilight and really like it, I love the saga Twilight, has you read it? ), go to shopping with my friends, go to the cinema and listening music( I like a lot of differents kinds of music, depending on the moment...)

I´m looking forward to getting your next letter!

Sara :D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About me (:

Hi Megan!

I´m Celia, I live in Madrid more or less in the center with my parents and my sister. My father is psicologist, my mother works in the Department of culture and my sister has been dancing since she was six years old, she dances in the Professional conservatory, she is younger than me . I study in the high school, in first of bachillerato in humanities with Latin and Greek because I hate maths or physics. Mondays and Wednesday I go out to run and on the weekends in the morning I go to the gym or swimming pool with my best friend Alicia, in the afternoon I like going out with my friends, go to the cinema, shopping...

I love travelling, this year in June I´ll go to Mallorca with my all friends and probably in July I´ll go to London, or Liverpool for study English with more persons for three weeks, it´s great!

In my free time I like playing tennis, riding a horse, or skating in the ice, listening to music.. but for me my best hobbie is photography, I love taking photos. What do you like? (:



About me.

Hi Rebecca,

How are you? Like I told you in the other letter, I'm going to tell you about my life.

I live in Madrid (Spain),in a flat with my parents and my sister. My father is called Manolo, he is fiftytwo years old, he is a bit short and a little fat, he loves reading and listening to music, he enjoys a lot talking about politics and aconomics. My mother is called Sonia, she is forty four years old, she is very tall, I really take after her, except that I'm a bit short, she loves travelling, listening to music and being with her friends. They both work in an office, in the same bank's company. My sister's name is Ana, she is eleven years old, she loves dancing, going shopping and reading, we are very different, she takes after my father, she has straight brown hair and brown eyes, she has a strong character, that's why we are arguing all the time.

Now I'm studying at the High School, I'm studying the first year of “Bachillerato”social sciences. My favourite subjets are Literature and History. I'm good at Economics and also at History but I'm really bad at maths and P.E. I don't really know what I'm going to study at university but I'm thinking about journalism, economics or study to be a teacher.

I really like taking photographs but I still haven't found any photography lessons. I like travelling, especially with my cousin and my friends. The week before Easter we are going to do an exchange whit morocan people so i'm really excited!. I love cinema, not the place, the films, my favourites are old films. I also like reading, my favourite book is “100 years of solitude”a Gabriel García Marquez's book in my opinion this book is really original. I like drawing too but i'm very bad at it...

In my free time I usually go out with my friends, inmy neighbourhood, or in the city centre. We go to the cinema, a cafe, or just to go for a walk. When I can't go out I normally listen to music, watch tv or chat by the lap top. I don't practise any sport because I'm really bad at it and I don't like it too much.

I hope you'll like this letter. Write you soon!!


Dear Brittany

I received your letter in this weekend and in this letter I told you about my family, my studies and my hobbies

My family is composed of my parents and me (I’m an only child) although I would like to have siblings because is very boring being only child

My father is 48 years old and his name is Juan Carlos. He has got black hair but already balding. He is very kind and protective.He loves Bruce Springstein, he had all the discs.

My mother is 50 years old and her name is Natividad. She has got blond hair and brown eyes. She is very affectionate and protective.I love her although I argue with her every day for all things for example the clothes, the food....etc but later we fix it right in few minutes

I study in I.E.S “Juan de la Cierva “it is a public school. I’m doing 1º “bachillerato” of Social Sciences. I study history, economics and maths of social sciences especially but I also study language, English, natural sciences gym, philosophy….My favourite subject is history. I don’t know what to do in the future but I like psychology or journalism.

My favourite hobby is dancing. When I was 5 years old I went to lessons of classical dance but I left when I was 8 years old, but now I love dancing and I often go to the disco.

I love listening to a variety of music for example Beyoncé, black eyes peas and Spanish’s groups

In my free time I go out with my friends and do the shopping, I go to the cinema or disco. In the cinema I like the romantic comedies.

I’m looking forward to getting your next letter

Best wishes

About me :)

Hello Emilee!!
How are you?
Well, as I told you my name is Lucía and I am sixteen years old. I was born in Spain
I study first year of “Bachillerato” of Humanities. In this “Bachillerato” the subjects are Economy, Maths, History, English, Spanish Language, Physical Education …
My favourite subject is History and I hate Physical Education.
In the future I might study to become a primary school teacher but I am not sure yet.
I live with my father and my mother. My mother´s name is Soledad. She is medium height, she has brown hair and brown eyes. She is forty-six years old and works at the post office.
She loves to read and also like dogs.
My father´s name is Javier. He is medium height, he has black hair and brown eyes. He is forty-seven years old and he works in commerce. He likes computers and listening to music.
We like go to our village and we go some weekends.
The relationship with my parents is good, it´s normal. They are very nice with me although occasionally we get angry.
Then my family is numerous: I have almost 20 cousins!
One of my hobbies is the theatre. Monday afternoon I go to theatre lessons. My group called “The Grave Road” and I have a good time with them.
I have been in the group for five years, and every year when summer arrives we make a written representation by my monitor.
Now we have preparing some musical samples. Small samples of music we like “ Les Miserables”, “ Grease” , “Nine”…
I my free time I like going out with my friends. We go to the cinema, go shopping…
Also I like listening to music or play with the computer and chat with my friends. Spent too much time talking on the phone with my friends, and sometimes my parents are angry.

Some weekends, I go to my village with my parents and there I am with my family and friends. My village is very small and when I got there I like to relax. A river flows at and in summer my friends and me like to go there to bathe.
I hope to finish the problems we have with email addresses and we can write smoothly and without problems.
I am looking forward to getting your next letter.
Best wishes.

about me!

Hi Cheyenna! How are you? Did you enjoy my last letter? I would like you to write to me because I'm very curious to hear from you! By the way, I saw that you accepted me on facebook but I don't know if I'm wrong, I think not but I'm not sure!
This time I'm going to talk about myself. I live with my brother and my parents in a flat that is the typical housing here because as you can imagine there isn't enough space in Spain so that there could be all houses with gardens! hahaa.
My brother's name is Alejandro and he's 18 years old and I get along very well with him because when I'm worried with something he try to help me and immediately gets me laughing haha, but with my parents I don't get along as well because I always argue with my mum because she says that I'm very untidy ^^
I'm studing 1º de Bachillerato of the health because I want to study odontology but if I can't, I would like to study publicity or I don't know yet!
AAnd I love go out with my friends because they're very important to me and when I'm with them I really have a good time and I forget all my problems! mm my favourite sport is voleyball and I like going to the cinema,and see the city while I'm taking a walk because
although I was born here there are many places that I don't know yet.
I don't drink because I don't like the alcohol but most people of my age drink and the "botellón" it's a tipycal custom of Spain that consist in going to a park with all the people and drink the alcohol and when they make botellón sometimes I go but only to see the people and talk and laugh with them haha

I'm looking forward to hear from you!

letter about me :)

Hi again Liz! What's up?

It seems that we're having some problems to be in contact, but at last we're in touch! That's cool.
But well, if we have problems again I want you to know that we're putting our letter in our blog ( ) so there you can read mine and the letters of all my parners.

Well... in this one I I won't say anything about any vacation, I'll talk about myself.

As I told you, I live in a flat in the center of Madrid with my parents and my brother. My daddy is an architect so I only see him at night and on weekends. My mommy is a housewife, I'm always with her.
My brother is 19 and he's studying something like image and sound, sorry but I don't know exactly what it is, ha ha. We're really similar but we don't talk too much.
Now I'm studying 1º of “bachillerato”, you probably won't know what that is.. it is what you study here after junior high school.

In my opinion, there is nothing that I do well but I have a lot of hobbies. One thing that I really love is photography, I really enjoy it.
But there's something that I really love, and this is listening to music, I can't live without it. Everyday when I wake up, the first thing that I make is trun on my mobile and put some music (I have to do it in my mobile phone because the rest of my family are normally sleeping and I don't want to wake up them haha) and before I close my eyes at night is the last thing I do.
I like a lot of kinds of music and a lot of bands, some of them are Simple Plan, Jonas Brothers, All Time Low, Justin Bieber, The Maine, nevershoutnever, etc... I don't know if you know them, here some of them are famous but there are others that anyone knows.

In my free time I do different things, one is obviuously, listening to music. I like to turn on my radio with one of my CDs as loud as it can go and sing out loud, in this moment I'm going crazy, I love it! Of course I also enjoy lostening to music with my headphones and have some relax.
Another thing that I like to do in my free time is go to walk around downtown alone or with some friends, in my opinion Madrid is super beautiful and when I'm there, in the city center it is like problems don't exisist.
And another thing that I really like to do in my free time is be with my friends, I don't care where but probably the best thing to do is go to party, we have so much fun there!

And well, this is some things about me. I hope you like this letter!
I'm looking forward to getting your next letter.

Best wishes! Andrea


Hello Cheyenna: Are you ok?
I hope so, and I hope you enjoyed my other letter! I would like you to reply soon(:
In this letter I'm going to talk to you about my family, like I said I'm only child, so I live in a little flat in Madrid with my parents. I would like to have brothers or sisters, but I think that won't happen. Anyway, I've many cousins and I see them frecuently so it's almost as I had brothers. I get along great with my parents, but my mother always shouts at me because she says that''I'm a disaster''.
I don't like my home, because it's a boring flat and it's small, but my room is big and colorful, full of things: I like it very much. I guess you live in a house, I love houses with gardens, but specially those that are highly customized. When I live alone I think I'll have a small flat but really decorated.

Now I'm studing first of bachillerato, specifically humanities, I love Greek, it's difficult but i enjoy it. But I don't think the same of Latin... it's REALLY boring. Last term, I passed all my subjets and in this term I hope to improve my grades.
I don't know what I want to study yet, but I've several options, I like philosophy, SOMEpeople ,including Helena, tell me''philosophers are all crazy!!'',but I think it's really interesting. I like show bussines too: things like screenwriter or director but I think is almost imposible to work at one of this professions.

Otherwise, what I love to do is rhytmic gymnastics, I train all week(and weekends) with one of my best friends, Marina. I've been doing it since I was 7(:. By the way, next month we'll start the competitions so we're very nervous and we can't miss any training.

In my spare time I like going out with my friends, ovbiously.I love talking and laughing. Like I tell you, I love reading, I enjoy all kinds of shows like ballet theatre, musicals, cinema. I like listening to music,dancing in my home...etc.
Something I love is traveling but normally I can't because it's very expensive... the place wich I more want to know is New York! Perhaps, I'll go this summer, but I don't know yet. I'll go to a family in London three weeks or a month this summer too.

I'm looking forward to getting your next letter.
Best wishes! :D

Monica Ovejero.

I'm going to tell you a bit of my Christmas Holidays this year.

On December the 24th, my father, my mother, my sister and I went to my cousins' house and there we spent the night with all my mum's family. We were 27 people in the house , and we were 14 children messing around, so it was a bit noisy and chaotic, but funny. We has dinner and sang a lot of carols. Also we said prayers because my grandparents are very religious.

The 31st of December, my dad's family and us stayed at home (fortunately for my mum, we were only 10). We had dinner and ate the Spanish traditional 12 grapes at 12 o'clock. At 1.30 am more or less, having got dressed and made up, my cousins, my sister and I went to differents pubs. There, I met my friends and we stayed in the pub for a while. Then, we slept at my home. Well, to be honest, we didn't sleep too much...we played games, sang, and talked, but we only sleep from 10 to 1. So in New Year's Day I was totally slept. But, anyway, my family and I went to mu uncle's house to eat Christmas sweets and food, like the "Roscón".

And finally, on January the 6th, the Three Wise Men came to my house and brought us lots of gifts! It was fantastic! That day, I became a little child nervous and impacient for opening my presents!

Christmas is one of my favourite feasts in the year. I love Christmas and every year my family and I prepare the tree and all the ornaments with a lot of excitement.


Monica :)


I live in Madrid in a flet near the center. I live with my parents and my brother. My brother's Pablo and he's 25 years old. She finished his studies last year and now he's studying for a competitive exam to get a job. My mother and my father are teachers.

I haven't got animals, but two years ago I had a hamster, but it died.

Now I study 1 Bach and study Latin y Greek , because I don't like maths and physics. In my future I'm going to study INEF (pysical education) because I like sports so much, and I think these are interesting studies.

My hobbies are a lot of thinks.. playing volleyball, going aout with my friends, phoning.. I play volleyball in a team in my school with my friends, since two years.

In my free time, on Fridays I go out with my friends, and then I go out with my boy friend. On Saturdays normally I study in the evening, and in the mornig I play volleyball.

On Sundays, in the morning I go to the swimming pool or to the gym with one or two friends. In the evening I study.

Bye! Hope to hear from you (:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello Grace!

My name is Diego, I´m 16 years old, I have blond hair and blue eyes.
I live in a block of flats with my parents, my sister and my two dogs.
In my Christmas holidays I didn´t do anything special.
The days before Christmas I was preparing all, the party, the presents... It was so boring.
The day after Christmas I went to the cinema with my friends to watch Zombieland, It was a very funny film!
On new years day my uncle, my aunt and my cousins came to my house to celebrate it , they gave us presents, it was a fun day.
The day before the 3 wise men day my familly and I went to watch the 3 wise men parade, we pick a lot of sweets.
The presents were in the greater part clothes, well when you fail 3 subjects it´s the normal.
Well that´s all, I ´ll be waiting your letter.

Hi Megan.

My name is Alex I´m 16 years old I live in a flat in Madrid ,I´m studyng first of humanities. Now I´m going to tell you about my Christmas:

I spent Christmas day in Madrid with my father´s family.The next day I went to the cinema to see Avatar and zombieland.

On 31 of december I went to my village with my grandparents to celebrate new year and we ate the 12 grapes .

The 1 of jannuary I saw the new year concert and I ate with all the family.

The 6 of jannuary we celebrate the 3 wise men day and we ate roscon de reyes (a special cake)

Thats all about my Christmas I hope you understand all the letter and sorry if I´ve made some mistake

Letter about Christmas.

Hi Megan!
My name´s Celia I´m seventeen I live in a flat in Madrid with my parents and my sister.
I study in a high school in first of humanities bachillerato. I tell you my Christmas holidays and how celebrated in here and other day I will tell you more things of me, my life, or my family.
At Christmas the people have free days Christmas evening, Christmas day, new year evening, new year day and finally the day of the three wise men.
First, I have holidays the 22 of December normally this day give me my marks and I forget the school until 8 of January but this year started the class the twelve of January it was great.
In the Christmas holidays I stayed in Madrid because my parents didn´t want to travel.
Madrid it was very beautiful because it´s snowed more days.

In my family we celebrated the Christmas evening in my granparent´s house. My grandmother cook a special dinner and eat together. Normally in Spain the dinner a lot of food, for example chicken, all type of fish, special soup, turkey but for me the best are desserts: cake, chocolate... This night I open the presents too.
On Christmas day I have lunch in my aunt´s house, but I don´t do any special. My sister and me are bored! This afternoon I go out with my friends and my sister too.
Other day not much special is the "santos inocentes" it´s a funny day.
For me the best day of the Christmas is the new year evening because I have dinner with my all relatives in my house. The dinner is very very big.. more than the Christmas evening.
When arrive the twelve o´clock in Spain the people aet twelve grapes and then I go to the house at nine o´clock, all day I was sleeping.
The day os the three wise men I opened the all presents.
The rest of the days I go out with my friends we went to more places.

Finally I started the class the eleven of January.
Write soon.

Hello Britany!,

My name is Alejandra, I live in a flat in Madrid. I live with my parents and my brother, who is 14 years old (two less than me)

Now I'm going to tell you about my christmas holidays.

I finished high school on 21th of december but the three or four days before I didn't go to school because I hadn't failed any subject..

Before christmas' eve I hung around with my friends and I celebrated my birthday with three days of party! It was great.

On christmas' eve I took dinner at my grandparents house and I spent all the day cooking with my mother, my mother is a excellent cook and I like to help her, honestly I didn't cook anything.

After dinner my best friend came to my house and we saw a film.

On christmas' day my brother, who loves cookin, prepared a delicious meal for us four.

On the days between christmas and new years' eve I stayed in Madrid with my friends going out, we didn't do anything special but I had a great time because I laughed a lot.

Two days before christmas I went to my grandparents' village, there I had a good time because I have a lot of friends. The best was new years' eve because at 12 o'clock in Spain we eat 12 grapes, the moment is very funny because there are people who can't eat the 12 grapes, when we have eaten the grapes all the people is very happy!!

after 12 o'clock I dressed up and make me up because I went to a disco or pub with my friends. I came back home at 7 o'clock in the morning, I had a excellent time but the next day I didn't go out because I was slepping!

On 5th of january the Three wise men come to Spain and give us a lot of presents. In Madrid there are a “cabalgata”(parade) and, ofcourse, I went with my friends , we had to go three hours before the beginning but we didn't care because we are crazy and we spend a good always! After the “cabalgata” I went to my neighbor's house to eat “roscon” wich is a tipycal christmas sweet.

The next morning my brother waked me up at nine o'clock because he wanted to open the presents! I liked so much all my presents!!

I came back to high school on 11th of january, and now I see christmas holidays very far away.

I wish you enjoy my letter and answer me as soon as you can.

Kisses, Ale

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi Grace !

I´ am Moncef, I´ am 17 years old. I live in Madrid but I was born in Morocco. Another time I will tell you about my live, but this time I´ am going to tell you about Christmas period.

O Christmas Eve, in Spain, we have dinner all relatives together, it´ s a special night. On the table there is lot of food, so we are never able to finish it.

On the 25th, Christmas Day, all the family have lunch together.

On the 31st, the family meet again, we have dinner together and all wait until 24.00, just 12 seconds before it we take 12 grapes. When 24.00 arrive, we all toasted to a new and happy year with champagne, typical French drink. I don´ t like it, but all way I drink just a little.

However, we don’t do any special thing on the first January.

On the 6th, In Spain, and in same other countries, we all celebrate a day which it’s called the three wise men day, who traditionally are the kings who bring presents to children, like Santa Claus.

In Christmas Eve, in Spain, we have dinner all relatives together, it´ s a special night. On the table there is lot of food, so we never are able to finish it.

The 25th, Christmas Day, all the family have lunch together.

The 31st, the family meet again, we have dinner together and all wait forward 24.00, just 12 seconds before it we take 12 grapes. When 24.00 arrives, we all toasted to a new and happy year with champagne, typical French drink, I don´ t like it but all way a drink just a little.

However, we don’t do any special thing the first January

This is the general way to celebrate Christmas period, but this last time period, I haven’t been in Spain, so I haven’t celebrated it.

I’ll be waiting forward your answer.

Bye !

Moncef Amzigh