Friday, September 18, 2009

To my 1st Year D and E students : welcome !

This is our new class blog.
As your teacher I will of course be the blog master, but in the future I will learn how to give you access to it and you will be able to edit your own texts on it. I hope we will manage to record ourselves, too.
Have a look around the things I wrote when I was learning how to set up a blog at the end of last year.
Some of the things are a bit silly because they were just exercises, but others are nice, like the preliminary work I prepared for my 1st year students last year before our visit to the cinema to watch "Gran Casino" , the film by Clint Eastwood.
You must also have a look at the video I found in You tube about a group of British schoolgirls who are showing us around their school and their neighbourhood. You will start getting an idea of what a British school and British kids are like.
This is all for the moment.
Enjoy the blog, it's yours