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Is a story of English literature by Charles Dickens that was published in October 1843 and it has been continuously print. It is divided in five chapters.

Scrooge is a mean businessman. He treats his clerk Bob, badly. He refuses to help poor people and he hates Christmas.
On Christmas Eve night he is visited by a ghost who warns him to change, this ghost was a Scrooge’s old business partner.
Later the ghost of Christmas past visits Scrooge and he takes him back to times, long past, when Scrooge enjoyed Christmas before he broke up with his girlfriend.
After that he is visited by the ghost of Christmas present who shows him how his poor relatives celebrate Christmas Eve, and the miserable children who can’t celebrate it. When Scrooge see that he want them to be helped, but he can’t.
The last visitor is the ghost of Christmas yet to come who shows Scrooge a neglected where is writed his name. Finally Scrooge change as consequence of his strange visitors, and he becomes a generous and kind man who loves Christmas.

Main characters
Ebenezer Scrooge is a hard-hearted man, selfish and who despises Christmas, children or anything that engender happiness.

Fred is Ebenezer Scrooge's nephew. Fred is also a gentleman of some means, but unlike his miserly uncle, he is a kind-hearted, generous, cheerful, and optimistic man who loves Christmas. Fred believes that the good in Scrooge can be brought to the surface.
Secundary characters
Spirit of christmas:
-Spirit of christmas past: He radiates a light. He looked like a child .He had a changing and indefinite shape. Represents purity and goodness of spirit. It looked like a child, because the past of every child is.As the distant past is easily forgotten, the images belonging to it can be confused with others.

-Spirit of christmas present: It has a short life. Had eighteen hundred brothers. Hidden under his robe to 2 children. This is brief and quickly becomes past. The ghost counts all persons who were members of Scrooge, and his brothers. For representing the misery and ignorance, feelings and emotions that correspond to the old Ebenezer.
-Spirit of christmas future: No speech. Dressed in black and is hooded. It is the most scary ghost to Scrooge. For so creates a cold environment for Scrooge, and did not say anything further so he can deduct all their own… As death. Since all their actions and movements are set to move to Scrooge, to the point of doing reconsider
Jacob Marley: In life, Marley was the business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge. They have become successful bankers, with seats on the London Stock Exchange; they are also stockholders and directors of at least one major association, but a vast amount of their wealth has been accumulated through usurious moneylending. Scrooge is described as Marley's "sole executor, his sole administrator, his sole assign, his sole residuary legatee, his sole friend, and sole mourner". He has been dead seven years by the time the story begins.

Familia Cratchit: Bob Cratchit Scrooge's employee, despite his poverty and illness of his son Tim, celebrates Christmas.
Sra. Dilber: Mrs. Dilber, Ebenezer Scrooge's diligent housekeeper, answers some of her most frequently asked questions, including how long she has been working for Mr. Scrooge.

Fanny Scrooge: Ebenezer's younger sister, whom he loved, but who died young. She was the mother of Ebenezer's nephew, his only living relative. She was the mother of Ebenezer's nephew, his only living relative.

Bell : Belle is a young woman she once loved and was loved by Scrooge. Unfortunately, his love for her was replaced by his love for money, and she did not want to be second in favor to gold. Unfortunately, his love for her was replaced by his love of money, and she did not want to be the second in favor of gold. She left him and went her own way after that and married. Scrooge Remained alone. The Ghost of Christmas Past reminds him of why Belle left him and shows him where his life began going the wrong direction.

Sr. Fezzwig: Fezziwig Scrooge was a kind and generous employer. He revisits the memory of his employment with Fezziwig when the Ghost of Christmas Past shows him great Fezziwig's Christmas party. The memory of this kind makes Scrooge employer feel a twinge of regret at how poorly he treats Bob Cratchit, his own employee.

Joe : These are the poor who steal Scrooge when he dies because there was no one in your life that could leave their wealth. They took many of his valuable possessions to sell them, and they have no remorse for their thievery Because he was such a cruel, cold man. Scrooge sees them without knowing that he is the man from whom they steal, and he is disgusted by their greed. But he also pities the man they have robbed Because he sounds like a miserable wretch Despite his wealth.

Tiny Tim : is the youngest son of Bob Cratchit. Is very ill. Because Bob's salary is so poor families can not afford treatment for Tim.

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