Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've thought many times about my future. It is sure that I'm going to study at University when I finish Bachillerato, but I haven't decided what studies yet.
What I definitely know is that I want to work with people. I hate offices and jobs in which you must be sitting all day in front of a computer or in a laboratory. That is not for me.
The main option I'm considering is Primary or Nursery School Studies mixed with Psychology. I love kids, and in this job I could help them to have a great childhood.
But I would love to work as a clothes or furniture designer as well. I love fashion, and my sister and mother ask me many times what they could wear to go to a party, for example.
I'm very confused because I like all Social Studies, but I suppose when the moment comes, I'll choose the best option for me.

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