Monday, March 22, 2010


Until a few weeks ago I didn't know what I wanted to study, but these days I've been thinking and I think I'm sure what I will do: I will study philosophy.
People say it has no future if you didn't want to be a teacher, before I didn't want to be a teacher but now but now I wouldn't mind.
I've decided I want to study it because I really like philosophy, and I think that it offers many posibilities only because it is really hard and you can learn about many differents things, and as a friend of mine told me, it makes you creative and teaches you to write and especially to think more.
Otherwise I love the film world, so I would also like to devote myself to it, especially as a screenwriter, but this is a difficult profession.
So mainly, I want to study philosophy.


  1. i hate my teacher of philosophy, but i find that study it may be very interesting if you have good teacher. good luck with your future! xD

  2. Hi!

    I´m Lorena Gómez.

    I have a blogger too... The name is Learning English in Brunete and if you want you can sign it :

    I have seen that you want to study philosophy! It´s great and it´s true that the philosophy encourage to think about different things... It´s very entertainment! :)


  3. You give us good reasons for study phylosophy so have luck with it!