Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trip to Dublin

For everybody to know, from the 6th to the 10th of may we went on a school trip to Dublin. We stayed at the Dublin Youth Hostel, which was very nice and conveniently located.

Who took part in it? Most of the members of this class including, me, their teacher plus 16 more students from 1st Year A and B and Esmeralda, their teacher. We were 26 students and two teachers on the whole.

I think it was a great experience for everybody , and we lived some unexpected adventures.
I won't say more as I'd rather have the students tell you about it.

So, boys and girls, get ready to write a few lines telling our followers about your experience.

The ones who didn't go can say why they didn't go in the end and how they felt and they can also tell us what they heard from the other students. Would they have liked to live what we lived or not really ?

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