Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cinema: Gran Torino. 10:00. Wednesday 1st April.

As you know, boys and girls in 1st and 2nd Year Bachillerato, we are going to see a film in original version ( English of course). The Title of the film is Gran Torino and it is starred and directed by the great Clint Easwood.
We will be doing several activities in the next few days here in the blog, but mainly in the classroom, as this is a general activity and it involves 10 groups and many teachers, not just me.
Anyway, for the moment I just wanted to tell you not to see it on your own as the activity is compulsory and you have to come with the school anyway, unless you want to see it twice, of course.
I'll publish some information about the film, which I have already seen and is really great, here , so keep an eye on the blog.
And don't worry, it's easy to understand, except when they use slang and we'll prepare it beforehand. And reading is not hard, I promise.

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