Sunday, April 19, 2009

British students: A week at school

Watch this video from a group of schoolboys and girls in a British School.
They are quite "typical", and..... "yes".... they wear uniforms. They always do in Britain.
I guess they may be around 14 or 15 years old. They are a bit noisy, but quite polite and nice on the whole.
Watch the video and don't worry if you don't understand too much. The witing on the video will help you.
But I'm sorry to tell you this: this is the way young people speak, and it can only get worse, so we still have a lot of work to do.

After viewing it once, read about the task you have to carry out.

Watch it again and get as much information as possible about the following:
-Dates of the filming.
-Reasons why they are filming
-Names of the different students that you may pick up
-Different spaces they show from the school, classrooms, etc...
-Lessons they attend
-Teachers that appear in the video

And again, and this time take notes on the following and describe them.
-The neighbourhood, while the girls walk to school.
-The classroom where the final Christmas party takes place

Write all your answers on a sheet of paper and end your work with a composition of about 100 words explaining the differences between a typical British school and a typical Spanish school. And there are many, as you have seen.

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