Saturday, October 31, 2009

Alejandra's profile

Hello! my name is Alejandra, I live in madrid(the capital of Spain) with my parents and my brother.
Now I am 15 years old but in December I will be sixteen! so I am the youngest of my group of friends...
I am in first year of "bachillerato" in social sciences and in the future I want to go to the university and I want to be an actress because I love cinema and theatre and I have been going to drama lessons since I was eight years old
I like listening to music, staying with my friends just talking and I love travelling and I wish I could travel around the world in the future.
kisses :)

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  1. Hi!!
    I am Lorena
    Your profile is very interesting, you say that you want be actress and that´s great but it´s very difficult no?? But if you want I´m sure that in the future you will be it!!
    Good luck!