Sunday, November 1, 2009

monika II 's profile :)

My name´s Monica Alonso and I´m 16.
I live in Madrid (in a neighbourhood called Arganzuela) with my parents, my older sister and my little dog.
I'm very cheerful and I'm not lazy at all. I love music and ice-skating (in fact, I've been receiving piano and ice-skating lessons since I was a child)
On weekends, I spend my time going out with my friends (who I love) and going out and going to the cinema or shopping.
I love people who smile and are funny because I think laughing is the best virtue thar people can have.

Monicaa :)

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  1. ehh!I laugh a lot,but when I do it in class, the teachers don't love me... They don't think it's the best virtue :(