Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lucía Segoviano :)

Hello ! :)
My name is Lucía Segoviano. I am sixteen years old and study at the “Juan de la Cierva” secondary school. I study social science bachillerato. I study this bachillerato because I wasn´t good at maths and numbers in general.
I like theatre and I am in a drama group. I have been doing it for several years, but althought I like it, I see it difficult to engage in such a complicated world or see it as a serious job. It is a hobby that I really enjoy and in addition and meet many people.
In my free time, I am on the computer, I listen to music and go out with my friends.
Some weekends I go to my village, wich is in Guadalajara, and there I am with my family and my friends. When I go there , as there are not many people I like to relax.
That´s all.

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