Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clara Santos =D

My name is Clara. I'm 16 years old
I live in Madrid with my father and my mother so I'm an only child
I go to " Juan de la Cierva" secondary school and I'm studying 1º year bachillerato
On weekends I go out with my friends an We go to the cinema, stay in the park, do shopping..
I like dancing, readind romantic books, watch my series on TV especially "Fisica o Quimica" and "Sin tetas no hay paraiso" chatting with msn and listening to music especially r&b, hip-hop, pop and latin music.
On holidays I travel to Asturias with my family because We have a flat there
I often go to the disco with my friends, I like it very much
I know more or less how to play the piano because when I was a child I went to piano lessons
In the future I would like to study psychology because my cousin stduying this and I talked with him about the subject and I like it.
That's all

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