Friday, October 30, 2009

Monica's profile!

I'am Mónica and i'am 16 years old. I live in Madrid.
I love a lot of things like theatre,cinema, sports or singing,,,!
My favourite colour is purple.
And I really love reading, I read all kind of books,and if i can,i read a little everyday, now i'am reading''La vida es sueño''.
I my free time i like going out with my friends,but i haven't got much time,because the thing i really love is rhytimic gimnastics, and that steals me a lot of my time to go out.
I like all types of shows like ballet,theatre, concerts...
I love the music too,and i want to learn to play the guitar, but it's not possible now,because I HAVEN'T TIME!!!
In the futur I want to study something like publicity, philosofy or journalism, I don't know it yet,and i want to study drama at the RESAE,but it's difficult.
I want to ve a rhytmic gimnastics trainer too!

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  1. Hi monica!, I think that your profile is amazing too!.
    To have three sistes and one brother doesn't as goog as look jejeje