Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carmen´s profile

my name is Carmen, i´m sixteen years old. Ihave curly brown hair and green eyes and i´m not very tall, but it doesn´t matter.
I like photography but I´m not going to any lessons, so it is like a little hobbie; I take fotographs when I´m with friends or when I´m with my family, but the fotographs aren´t good.
I also like music, I think that i like nearly all types of music but I don´t like all singers.
An other thing that I relly like is the cinema, no the place, films. I like films from nowdays but my favourites are old films.
Reading is another hobbie that i have, I enjoy reading books, my favourite book is "100 years of solitude", I think is very original.
I like all things that I´ve already said, but the thing I like the most is hanging out with my friends and stay with them.

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  1. Hello Carmen! I am Vanessa the high school Parque de lisboa in Alcorcón. I like photography too but in my high school it isn´t. My favourite book is Crepúsculo. =)
    Have you got a boyfriend?