Friday, January 22, 2010

Letter about Christmas in Spain.

Hello Emilee! :)

My name is Lucía. I am from Madrid. I am sixteen years old. I am a student from first bachillerato.

Iam going to tell you about Christmas.

In Spain, in the Christmas we celebrated first Christmas Eve and normally meet with ours relatives and have dinner together. It is typical seafood dinner. We usually sings carols and go to bed to late.

In this night cames Santa Claus and brings presents for everyone. The custom of Santa Claus gifts let alone have it because some families are more common in Spain as of the Three Wise Men.

For example in my family the gifts are left by the Three Wise Men.

The next day is Christmas Day and the children get up to early to see their presents and play with them. This day is also typical to eat with our family.

This year the Christmas Day I went to my village and there is customary to make a big fire and sing carols around all night.

Then the day 31 of December, New Years Eve, again we met with our relatives and once again dinner together. In this night, when the twelve o’clock is a custom to eat 12 grapes while sound the twelve chimes in the clock for “Puerta Del Sol”. After eat the grapes we provide with champaign and welcome the New Year.

In this night the young people leaving party at a disco and celebrate the night with the friends. They spend the night out in the morning and take chocolate.

Then, having started the year on the 5th January for the evening is the parade of the Three Wise Men. All children look on this night the Kings have read your letters and leave them gifts because they have been good all year.

The Magic Kings through the streets of Madrid on a float along with the pages for kids to see. And at night leave gifts for every children.

It is customary that when children have not been good during the year the Three Wise Men gifts rather than leave them coal.

On the 6th January all children get up early and nervous to open all their presents. The day of Kings I am going to eat at my uncle house and visit my cousins and give the presents. My cousins this morning are very nervous because they are anxiously awaiting their gifts.

This year I have left clothes, colognes, pijamas , shoes...

That is all.
I await your response :)


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