Friday, January 22, 2010

Letter about Christmas in Spain

Hi, Brittany
My name is Clara. I’m 16 years old. I live in
Madrid in a flat with my family (my mother and my father).
I will tell you how we passed the Christmas holiday:

In Christmas Eve: My family went to my house and we ate here. The food consist in
Lamb, seafood, my mum’s soup this is a family tradition and everybody said which soup was the best soup who have taken, appetizers, salad and the dessert was gelatine because my mum know which dessert is my favourite because I don’t like the sweet dessert. Later We stayed in the living room and we told about all

In Christmas Day: The most important was I opened the presents. This year I received clothes, boots and a handbag. I like my presents. My mum received a book and my father received an agenda. Before I walked with my family and we ate in my house. This day is to spend with the family.

In New Year Eve: In the evening my family was nervous completely because everybody was prepared for this night. This year I wear a black dress with boots. In Spanish tradition the first the family ate together and later the young went out and went to disco or party. I went to party with my friends this year. I pass it very well and I “slept” in friend’s house.

In New Year: I went back to my house at
one o’clock so I was tired because I didn’t sleep anything this night. My parents ate with my aunt and I went to sleep all the day.

The night of the three wise men: In Spanish tradition the family meets and the children of the family were nervous because this night the "kings" come and give presents. These traditions are based on the Magic king from the East

The day of the three wise man: When I woke up I went to living room beside the Christmas tree and I saw the presents, I receive a ring, a necklace, a shirt and a mobile. My mum receives a necklace. My dad a purse and my aunt a bracelet

The days before I started going to school to do my homework.

This is all I did on holidays

I hope your answer me soon


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