Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello Britany!!
How are you? You didn’t answer me, so I supposed you have some problem with my email address, don’t worry!
Today I’m going to talk to you about my family, my studies, my hobbies, etc.
Well, I live in a flat in the centre of Madrid with my parents and my brother. My father’s name is Manuel but all people name him “Lolo” or “Manolo”. He is 47 going to 48 in May. My mother’s name is Isabel and she is 43 going to 44 in May too. Both of them aren’t very tall, so my brother and I are a little short. I have got a very good relationship with my parents, we talk about everything and they trust in my. When I was a child I had got a better relation with my father but now I think that I tell my mother more personal thing, I guess it is normal because I’m girl. My brother is 14 going to 15 in November and his name is Andres. I love him. We are more than brother and sister, he tell me his secrets and his doubts. Of course we have an argue many times but when we solve the problem we are always laughing.
I’m doing first of “bachillerato”, I think you don’t know what it is; “bachillerato” are two years between high school and the university, in “bachillerato” you have to choose your subjects depending in what you want to be in the future. I’m doing social bachillerato, so my special subjects are economics, history and easy maths. The rest of the subjects like language, English, philosophy and sports are the same for all bachilleratos. My best friends do French but I prefer four extra hours of English. In the future I want to be an actress so I’m going to study drama in Madrid and one year I want to study in New York or London. I think I’m going to study publicity too, because to be an actress is difficult and I want to have more ways.
The next week I’m going to go to an actors’ agency to do a casting. I’m very excited!!!
It’s not very difficult to know what my favourite hobby is: Theatre, but I like staying with my friends just talking, laughing, etc. I like walking a lot, listening to music, ...normal things haha
Best wishes!

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