Thursday, May 27, 2010


The trip to Dublin was really a nice trip . The first day did not see much about Dublin, because just went to the hostel to leave our luggage and later we went for a walk and to have dinner. The next days we saw the main monuments and some artistics places in dublin. I enjoyed seeing new places and meeting a new English accent. I also took the opportunity to make friends from other classes.
On the return trip, we had a problem to return to Madrid, but finally we got a trip to Girona , so we did not have to spend more days in Dublin. When we arrived to Girona, I was very tired , but anyway I liked it.
Finally we returned to Madrid .
If I had to change something, that thing would have stayed more time in dublin !


  1. Hello:
    I think what you have gone very well so I'm glad. I also would go if my school did an excursion to whether, if ever I guess I'll go by myself to London or somewhere so try to learn English, that's all good jeje. Bye

  2. Hi!
    I am probably going to visit Dublin this summer, you are so afortunately, our english teacher isn´t going to travel with us.
    Please visit our class blog:

    Alvaro. M