Monday, May 31, 2010

Dublin School Trip

I think this trip was a fantastic experience for a lot of reasons:
First travel with my classmates was very good fun and I had a great time with them and I have known new people.

I really wanted to go to Dublin because I have never been to Ireland and I love travelling.
I really like Dublin because there are a lot of beautiful places, parks, churches and monuments.
And I like the color doors, which are very original and they give happiness to the city.
We went a seaside town and we walked by the beach and there I ate Fish and Chips.

We had an inexperate final, but finished well: because our flight was cancelled owing to the volcano cloud, but the teachers obtained a flight to Gerona a few hours later, so we flyed to Gerona.
So, finally was very nice: we stayed in Gerona in a beautiful hotel and the next day we could returned in AVE from Barcelona to Madrid. And we finally returned to Madrid.

So, the trip was very exhausting, but was very nice.
Sara =)

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