Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This trip to Dublin has taught me a lot of things. I was in Dublin three years ago but I went with my parents and my brother so it was completly different.
Of course I re-visited a lot of touristic places and I discovered new amazing places, but for me the best part of the trip was the friendship; I didn't go with my best friends, but I think it was better because I shared 5 whole days with seven "new" girls and we made an excellent group: we have spent great moments dancing, talking about our childhood, about gossips, etc. I don't know for the others but for me that five days were like a whole life because I lived a lot of experiences.
One of these experiences was the last day, when we wwere in the plane and when it started to walk our flight was cancelled. At the beginnig the idea was to stay in Dublin until another flight went to Madrid but at the end we caught a plane to Girona. We arrived to Girona at night and we took dinner in a delicious restaurant and slept in a very luxury hotel, I slept in the same room as carmen and we spent the night seeing C.S.I, it was really good fun!
At the next morning we caught a train to Barcelona, we stayed there two hours and its was fantastic, we discovered a very modern park and we made videos of us in the park.
Finally we came back to madrid in AVE in only two hours and a half.
It is possible that for others this finally "adventure" isn't an experience that they want to live but, honestly, I will not change anything.


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