Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trip to Dublin

This trip to Dublin has been very interesting. It was not the typical way to travel because apart from having fun we also visited the historic zones.
In Dublin I felt very comfortable in the hostel because in the first moment I thought that the hostel was very seedy but when I was in there the hostel was very youth and new.
Dublin was a very beautiful city and I like the architecture because they aren't the typical buildings but they are made with care. I was surprised by the doors of the houses because each door had a different colour than the others.
The day we returned to Madrid the trip was cancelled but they warned us when we were in the plane and in the first time we were worried and distressed. The teachers trying to get a fligth to go to Spain and they got a flight to Girona.
In Girona we went to a hotel and this hotel was very modern and wonderful and we spent a night at a hotel beacause in the morning we will go to Barcelona to catch the train to Madrid. The night in the hotel was very quiet because all were very tired and we need sleep to regain strength to the next day.
The next day all we wanted to get to madrid and the trip to Madrid in the AVE
was quiet but it got heavy with the desire we had to get to Madrid


  1. Your experience is very interesting, Dubling have to be a very beautiful city XD, thanks for showing through your words some things about the city.
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    Bye, kisses!

  2. Unfortunately, when you travel by plane, you have to expect you won't get home at the time they've told you. I would like to know if you found very difficult when the irishes were speaking with you.
    BTW: yours is a very good task. I like it a lot.
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