Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trip to Dublin :)

On this trip to Dublin a lot has happened and we all enjoyed and we were very well. We arrived there on Thursday, May 6 and were scheduled to return on the 10th, but we travelled in fear as many flights were cancelled by the eruption of the volcano, but even so we stand to go.
Once there we had a great time and also we went to the hostel , it was nice and people were very friendly.
We visited Dublin and typical areas from there. We were in an Irish dinner and enjoyed a typical Irish dance.
We also visited a fishing village and we were watching a typical beach and ate the food from Fish and Chips.
It was time to return and on the 9th at night the teachers checked our flights to see that there was nothing cancelled and everything was fine.
We arrived on Thursday at the airport and everything was normal. We got on the plane and we were going to take off just when they say that the flight can not leave because the airport of Barajas is closed
That was a mess. Everybody ran to find a different plane to take them to Spain.
Our teachers found a plane to Gerona. We went there and spent the night in a beautiful hotel in Girona.
The next morning we took a train to Barcelona and from there went with the Ave until finally we arrived in Madrid.
In the end our trip was a bit complicated but I still enjoy the experience and have much more to tell.


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