Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dublin School Trip

We went to Dublin for a school trip and we spent five days there (from Thursday to Monday). On thursday we arrived at eight o'clock at the Dublin Airport so we couldn't see a lot of things (we only went for a walk and had dinner). We spent Friday and Saturday seeing the city and on Sunday we went to Howth and we saw the beach and ate fish&chips. On Monday we had to take the plane to Madrid,and we were seated on it when, suddenly, the pilot told us the fligth had been cancelled. No one imagined it would happen to us just in the point of taking off
and our teachers went to talk with the Customer Service. In this way, they got a fligth to Gerona and we took it. Then we spent the nigth in a hotel in Gerona and the next day we went to Barcelona by train and then we came to Madrid by Ave.


  1. Ooh my god! Is the most interesting your experience. It is slightly frequent that happen these things.Did you get tired very much in the trip of return? Is it nice Dublin? our blog is
    One kiss!
    Vanessa, and...I live in Alcorcón (Madrid) =)

  2. Hi!

    I'm a classmate Vanessa and if you want, you can sign us in our blog! :)

    I think that is really amazing your experience! What did you think when the pilot said you that?

    Ah! Was the trip an exchange? I did a exchange and I went to The Netherlands! I will never forget the experience! and I think that you won't forget it neither!

    Bye! :)