Sunday, June 6, 2010


Before I went to Dublin I thought that it could be an stressful trip, because we were going to visit a lot of places and we didn't have free time, but in absolutely, because I visited a lot of interestings places and I had a lot of free time.

I met some people in my room, people who I already knew but in this travel I knew better, and I spent very good moments with them.

The day when we were going to Madrid, the plane had a problem and we went to Girona in the same day. There we spent one day in a hotel, but we didn't made a lot of things. Next day we were coming back to Madrid.

I liked very much this trip, it was interesting and funny.



  1. Hi, i'm an english student like you and i want to thank you for visit our blog ^^. I wish to you a very good holiday and a great time at the beach or whatever you go.

    Visit !!!!

  2. Hello, friends from A gold miner.
    Summer is here! Yeahhh =)
    Enjoy this summer! I will go to Cádiz and you? =)
    I hope you have approved =)
    I´m happy for having met you.

  3. Hiii!! I hope that you have a happy summer...
    I hope that you pass this subject... jaja
    thanks for participate with ours...!

  4. Hello friends from this blog.
    Summer is here yet.Now You can go swimming pool,beach,your villages...etc
    Enjoy your holidays!!

  5. Well guys! .)
    At last, this course has ended and now the good part begins.
    After a hard year, much study and effort egin our reward.
    Nice to meet all you and I hope you pass a fantastic summer.