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Hello Cheyenna!:

My name is Mónica and I'am sixteen years old, I'm from Madrid, and I'm studying first of bachillerato (humanities) in Juan de la Cierva school. I live in a little flat, only with my parents,because I haven't got brothers or sisters.

But in this letter I don't going to speak about my family or about the things I love, I have to tell you my christmas holidays!

I don't know if American christmas there are like here, but in Spain christmas are to be in family, at least the three importat days, and their nights: Christmas' Eve (and Christmas day), New year's Eve(and day) and finally the three wise men day, the other days are to relax yourself(and sleep) and for go out all the day with your friends. Some people go to other countries because we have two or three weeks of holidays, but I usually stay in Madrid in Christmas and I travel in summer time.

Now, I'm going to talk you about this holidays.

I've spendt it in madrid, and in the morning, I don't know why really, but my mother say that I can't go out so every morning I woke up late(but no too late) and I love reading so I have read a lot: Millenium(first and second books), El nombre de la rosa( I don't know how is the traduction), and Life of Galileo Galilei.

Every mornings, I've seen an episode of the tv serie ''Lost'' because I have all the dvds.

In the afternoon I went out with my friends everydays, this holidays has been the best Christmas in my life, I didn't do anything special, but all the days has been really funny, sometimes we went to ice skating, or we went to the city center wich was really beautiful, or we went to the home of somebody...

I went out all the afternoons because in the school time, I haven't time to go out many days, because I do rhytmic gimnastics and Saturdays and Fridays I have to go to the trainer.

On the special days I stayed with my relatives:

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:

I went to Navalcarnero, where my mother was -born, with my mother's relatives, and I passed all the night with my little cousins and my old cousin, too. I slept there, so Christmast day I ate in Navalcarnero in my uncle's home. Santa came with presents like make up, and clothes...

New year eve and day:

In new year eve I was with my friend Elena all the afternoon, after, around eight o'clock I went to Fuenlabrada to my aunts' home, with my father relatives, it was funny because they are all crazy. People went out in Madrid, but I couldn't because I was in Fuenlabrada, this night you can go out with your friends to celebrate the new year, and you pass the night in a place you rented before. I thing you know it, but in Spain at 12.00 you eat the 12 grapes, it's to be lucky the new year. I slept there too. And in the new year day I went at cinema with my parents, and we saw '' Celda 211'' a Spanish movie.

The three wise men day:

My family went to my home and we ate the typical ''roscón''. Next morning went I wake up I had a lot of presents under my christmas tree, things like money, clothes, perfumes... and this kind of things from my family, and a friend bought me an complet temporade of ''friends'' I love it since I was sevent more or less, and Carlos, another friend, gave me tickets for the musical Chicago, wich is great! and more things!

I love Christmas because you can go out all the days and you can do many diferent things buy presents, and you can stay with your family too, and the street is beautiful...ah! And people is more happy only because ''IT'S CHRISTMAS!''

I wait for your answer! (:


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