Saturday, January 23, 2010

Letter about Christmas in Spain:

Hi, Rebecca!

I´m Sara. I´m sixteen years old and I live in Madrid.

I celebrated Christmas holidays few days ago that´s why I want to tell you about Christmas and in the next letter I´ll speak about me.

This Christmas I was with my relatives and friends. On Christmas Eve I was only with my parents and my sister.

At night of 31 december it´s typical to celebrate “Nochevieja”(New Year´s Eve), in this night is typical dinner something special and gather with the relatives. This New Year´s Eve I spent with all my relatives. This night was very funny, I had a very good dinner with my relatives, we are chatting and joking, we ate at twelve o´clock the twelve grapes and drunk champagne, and we had a cotillion.

The next day I was very tired, but I spent too with my relatives. This day was too my aunt with her husband and their newborn baby, who is very lovely.

In Spain we celebrate “the Three Wise Men”, in this tradition the children write letters for “the Three Wise Men”, who leave presents in their houses the night of 5th January.
On the 6 of January I received a lot of presents: a book, money, clothes…and my family and sister too received a lot of presents and we ate “roscón” and chocolate.

This holidays I hung too with my friends, I went to the cinema and I went to shopping with my friends. And I had to do homework and study too.

I hope your answer!!!

Goodbye : )

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