Sunday, January 24, 2010

Letter about Christmas in Spain:

Hi Cheyenna!

My name is Helena and I'm sixteen years old. I'm studying first of Bachillerato (science) in the Juan de la Cierva high school. I live here, in Madrid (Spain) with my parents and my brother, but I will tell you about my family in another letter, now I'm going to speak about how I spent my Christmas!^^

In Spain we have three important celebrations in Christmas that are Christmas Eve (with the Christmas Day), New Year's Eve (with the New Year's Day) and the Three Wise Men Day (I think it's the most important celebration and it consist in three old men (kings) that bring presents to the children when they're sleeping, more or less like Santa Claus, but this three men were the same that brought incense, gold and myrrh for the baby Jesus.

I spent the Christmas Eve with my parents, my grandparents, my uncles, my aunts and with my cousins of my mother's family and I enjoyed it because we laughed and played a lot. One of the games we played was the sing star and I took it from my home because I love singing (and dancing too).

The other days I met with my friends to go to the cinema, to go to an ice rink, etc...Or just to go out for a walk while we were looking around downtown, that was very nice with all its lights and all its giant trees and all the people taking a walk and looking the storefronts. There were people singing in the street and doing other shows that people were looking too.

And when the New Year's Eve arrives I ate the twelve grapes at twelve o'clock like all the years (here, in Spain it's a tradition that consist in eat one grape for every month of the year to have good luck).And when you're eating a grape on each stroke you're very nervous haha because you think that you're not going to have time to chew it!. Then I met with my friends at 2 am and we went to a party until 7 am, and at this time we went to a chocolate to have “churros” with hot chocolate. The “churros” are very common in Spain and if you come here, you have to test them because they’re really good!

I enjoyed so much the New Year’s Eve because we were dancing in a disco and was very funny haha.

On the 2nd of January I went to Andorra to ski with my family. I’ve been skiing since I was 4 years old and I really love it! In the mornings I went to a ski course and in the afternoons as my parents were very tired they went to the hotel and my brother and I stayed skiing until closed the ski trail. So for this reason we have to pass the Three Wise Men Day in Andorra and when we arrived here in Madrid our house was full of presents!

And 3 days after that we had to start classes…(aaagg )

I hope you liked my letter!


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