Sunday, January 24, 2010

Letter about Christmas in Spain:

Hello Liz! What's up?

My name is Andrea and I'm 16. I live in a flat here in Madrid. I'm in 1º of bachillerato. I'll say you more about me in the future, ok?

Now I'm going to tell you how I spend my Christmas holidays.

We finished our school the 21th of December so that day I met all my friends, we had a great time! The next few days were days about shopping because I didn't bought Santa's presents yet, and then the Christmas Eve came. I spend this night with my relatives, we were nine in my aunt's home. After dinner we played Wii and we saw some tv but we returned to home a little early because I have a little cousin and he had to sleep. When I woke up I went to my dining room and there were a lot of presents under my Christmas tree so I woke up my parents and my brother and we opened the presents all together. It was funny! Santa gave me so many presents like a CD and a aim for my camera. Then we prepared everything for our lunch for Christmas Day because we'll have lunch in my home. At lunch we were only six but it was funny too. The last days of 2009 I met some friends and things like that and, at last, New Year Eve came. This night it's like everyone has to be more than beautiful so I spend all the day sleeping and making up myself. I had a super dinner at my home with my relatives and, like every year, at 12 o'clock we ate the 12 grapes. Then I went out with some friends to have party, it was really nice! At 8am, after party we go to a cafeteria and we ate chocolate with “churros” because here it's like a tradition to have this for breakfast the first day of the year. Then I returned to home and I went to my sweet bed. It was so cold outside so it was good to be at last there.

I was pretty tired but at 2pm more or less I had to wake up and make me up because my relatives were there to have lunch. It was a little mess because I had to do everything a like in five minutes but at last I looked good. I didn't understand it very well but after the super dinner of the last night my parents made a super lunch but I didn't eat so much because I didn't can.
I remember that I didn't have a nap, I don´t know why but I saw Skins because I were a little addicted to this serie. The next few days I were a little bored because the most of my friends were out of Madrid so someday I had nothing to do, but not everyday because some of them were here so we met. Also that days I went to buy some presents for my relatives because I haven't everything ready for the special 6th of January. At last this night came, the three wish man were on town! The morning of the 7
th my mum woke me up because it was like I forgot that when I'll leave my bed I'll have some presents under my tree, I don't understand how I can forgot this, but anyway, I think it was normal because my brother forgot it too. My parents, my brother and I went to our dining room and, like in Christmas day with the present for Santa, we opened all our presents together. Then we ate Roscon de Reyes, it's a round cake with a hole in the middle that everyone eat here this day for breakfast or when they want. Is delicious!

And well, few days after I had to go back to school routine, I don't like the idea of have to wake up early and study and all these things but I think that the world wants us to like the school or something, because everyone were a little depress for the first day of school but, when we woke up, something was different, the street was white! It was incredible, all corners of the city were capped and here in Madrid we haven't this much of snow everyday... there was so much snow that closed schools, so we could play in the snow all day! It was really funny! I think it was the best first day of school ever! And well, that was my Christmastime, I hope you like it.

And, nice to meet you! :)

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