Monday, January 25, 2010

Letter about Christmas in Spain

i Liz! :) My name's Alicia. I'm 16 years olds, my birthday is 8 of February!

I live in Madrid, near the center. I study in Juan de la Cierva, near my house. I study 1 bach, Humanidades.

At Christmas, first, I go to Barcelona during Christmas eve and Christmas, with my family, because I have a lots of relatives there. There I stay in my cousin's house. Usually i go out with my cousin's friends, go to the cinema, stay with my family..

At Christmas we eat Galets, a typical food in Cataluña; the others days we eat differents foods.

Then, 29 of December, I go to Madrid, and I celebrate here New year eve and New year.

On 31 of December I go to my grandmother's house, we dinner and at 12:00 a.m we eat 12 grapes to celebrate new year, we drink champan and throw streame.

On 6 of January we celebrate the three wise men. I wake up, and I with my parents and my brother looking for the presents in my house. Later we go to my aunt's house, and we take more presents. This day I breaksfast with my parents and my brother, “roscon de reyes” with chocolate, is a typical of Spain. Later I eat with my family in my house.

Tell me about your Cristhmas holidays!

Kiss! :)

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