Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I live in Madrid in a flet near the center. I live with my parents and my brother. My brother's Pablo and he's 25 years old. She finished his studies last year and now he's studying for a competitive exam to get a job. My mother and my father are teachers.

I haven't got animals, but two years ago I had a hamster, but it died.

Now I study 1 Bach and study Latin y Greek , because I don't like maths and physics. In my future I'm going to study INEF (pysical education) because I like sports so much, and I think these are interesting studies.

My hobbies are a lot of thinks.. playing volleyball, going aout with my friends, phoning.. I play volleyball in a team in my school with my friends, since two years.

In my free time, on Fridays I go out with my friends, and then I go out with my boy friend. On Saturdays normally I study in the evening, and in the mornig I play volleyball.

On Sundays, in the morning I go to the swimming pool or to the gym with one or two friends. In the evening I study.

Bye! Hope to hear from you (:

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