Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm going to tell you a bit of my Christmas Holidays this year.

On December the 24th, my father, my mother, my sister and I went to my cousins' house and there we spent the night with all my mum's family. We were 27 people in the house , and we were 14 children messing around, so it was a bit noisy and chaotic, but funny. We has dinner and sang a lot of carols. Also we said prayers because my grandparents are very religious.

The 31st of December, my dad's family and us stayed at home (fortunately for my mum, we were only 10). We had dinner and ate the Spanish traditional 12 grapes at 12 o'clock. At 1.30 am more or less, having got dressed and made up, my cousins, my sister and I went to differents pubs. There, I met my friends and we stayed in the pub for a while. Then, we slept at my home. Well, to be honest, we didn't sleep too much...we played games, sang, and talked, but we only sleep from 10 to 1. So in New Year's Day I was totally slept. But, anyway, my family and I went to mu uncle's house to eat Christmas sweets and food, like the "Roscón".

And finally, on January the 6th, the Three Wise Men came to my house and brought us lots of gifts! It was fantastic! That day, I became a little child nervous and impacient for opening my presents!

Christmas is one of my favourite feasts in the year. I love Christmas and every year my family and I prepare the tree and all the ornaments with a lot of excitement.


Monica :)

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