Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About me :)

Hello Emilee!!
How are you?
Well, as I told you my name is Lucía and I am sixteen years old. I was born in Spain
I study first year of “Bachillerato” of Humanities. In this “Bachillerato” the subjects are Economy, Maths, History, English, Spanish Language, Physical Education …
My favourite subject is History and I hate Physical Education.
In the future I might study to become a primary school teacher but I am not sure yet.
I live with my father and my mother. My mother´s name is Soledad. She is medium height, she has brown hair and brown eyes. She is forty-six years old and works at the post office.
She loves to read and also like dogs.
My father´s name is Javier. He is medium height, he has black hair and brown eyes. He is forty-seven years old and he works in commerce. He likes computers and listening to music.
We like go to our village and we go some weekends.
The relationship with my parents is good, it´s normal. They are very nice with me although occasionally we get angry.
Then my family is numerous: I have almost 20 cousins!
One of my hobbies is the theatre. Monday afternoon I go to theatre lessons. My group called “The Grave Road” and I have a good time with them.
I have been in the group for five years, and every year when summer arrives we make a written representation by my monitor.
Now we have preparing some musical samples. Small samples of music we like “ Les Miserables”, “ Grease” , “Nine”…
I my free time I like going out with my friends. We go to the cinema, go shopping…
Also I like listening to music or play with the computer and chat with my friends. Spent too much time talking on the phone with my friends, and sometimes my parents are angry.

Some weekends, I go to my village with my parents and there I am with my family and friends. My village is very small and when I got there I like to relax. A river flows at and in summer my friends and me like to go there to bathe.
I hope to finish the problems we have with email addresses and we can write smoothly and without problems.
I am looking forward to getting your next letter.
Best wishes.

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