Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello Britany!,

My name is Alejandra, I live in a flat in Madrid. I live with my parents and my brother, who is 14 years old (two less than me)

Now I'm going to tell you about my christmas holidays.

I finished high school on 21th of december but the three or four days before I didn't go to school because I hadn't failed any subject..

Before christmas' eve I hung around with my friends and I celebrated my birthday with three days of party! It was great.

On christmas' eve I took dinner at my grandparents house and I spent all the day cooking with my mother, my mother is a excellent cook and I like to help her, honestly I didn't cook anything.

After dinner my best friend came to my house and we saw a film.

On christmas' day my brother, who loves cookin, prepared a delicious meal for us four.

On the days between christmas and new years' eve I stayed in Madrid with my friends going out, we didn't do anything special but I had a great time because I laughed a lot.

Two days before christmas I went to my grandparents' village, there I had a good time because I have a lot of friends. The best was new years' eve because at 12 o'clock in Spain we eat 12 grapes, the moment is very funny because there are people who can't eat the 12 grapes, when we have eaten the grapes all the people is very happy!!

after 12 o'clock I dressed up and make me up because I went to a disco or pub with my friends. I came back home at 7 o'clock in the morning, I had a excellent time but the next day I didn't go out because I was slepping!

On 5th of january the Three wise men come to Spain and give us a lot of presents. In Madrid there are a “cabalgata”(parade) and, ofcourse, I went with my friends , we had to go three hours before the beginning but we didn't care because we are crazy and we spend a good always! After the “cabalgata” I went to my neighbor's house to eat “roscon” wich is a tipycal christmas sweet.

The next morning my brother waked me up at nine o'clock because he wanted to open the presents! I liked so much all my presents!!

I came back to high school on 11th of january, and now I see christmas holidays very far away.

I wish you enjoy my letter and answer me as soon as you can.

Kisses, Ale

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