Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Letter about Christmas.

Hi Megan!
My name´s Celia I´m seventeen I live in a flat in Madrid with my parents and my sister.
I study in a high school in first of humanities bachillerato. I tell you my Christmas holidays and how celebrated in here and other day I will tell you more things of me, my life, or my family.
At Christmas the people have free days Christmas evening, Christmas day, new year evening, new year day and finally the day of the three wise men.
First, I have holidays the 22 of December normally this day give me my marks and I forget the school until 8 of January but this year started the class the twelve of January it was great.
In the Christmas holidays I stayed in Madrid because my parents didn´t want to travel.
Madrid it was very beautiful because it´s snowed more days.

In my family we celebrated the Christmas evening in my granparent´s house. My grandmother cook a special dinner and eat together. Normally in Spain the dinner a lot of food, for example chicken, all type of fish, special soup, turkey but for me the best are desserts: cake, chocolate... This night I open the presents too.
On Christmas day I have lunch in my aunt´s house, but I don´t do any special. My sister and me are bored! This afternoon I go out with my friends and my sister too.
Other day not much special is the "santos inocentes" it´s a funny day.
For me the best day of the Christmas is the new year evening because I have dinner with my all relatives in my house. The dinner is very very big.. more than the Christmas evening.
When arrive the twelve o´clock in Spain the people aet twelve grapes and then I go to the house at nine o´clock, all day I was sleeping.
The day os the three wise men I opened the all presents.
The rest of the days I go out with my friends we went to more places.

Finally I started the class the eleven of January.
Write soon.


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  1. ¡Hola Celia!
    ¡Yo divertí tu carta! Parece como tu tienes un bueno vacacion. Ahora voy contarles acerca de mi fiesta de Navidad. Mi descanso empezó en 22 de deciembre y terminó en 3 de enero. En los estados unidos celebramos la víspera de Navidad, el día de Navidad, fin de Año, y día de Año Nuevo. (Similar al de España). Para víspera de Navidad se quedó en casa con mi familia. El día de Navidad me fui a mi casa de la abuela con el resto de mis parientes. Comimos jamón, pavo, pure de patatas, ensaladas y POSTRES! 
    Luego nos presenta abierto. En la víspera de Año Nuevo, salí con mis amigos para celebrar. Día de Año Nuevo yo no hacer nada especial.
    Practica deportes?
    Yo no no si ha recibido mi primera carta. Si no, mi nombre es Megan y tengo 17 años. Yo vivo en Wisconsin con mis padres y hermana.
    ¡Esperanza de oír de usted pronto!