Wednesday, February 10, 2010

letter about me :)

Hi again Liz! What's up?

It seems that we're having some problems to be in contact, but at last we're in touch! That's cool.
But well, if we have problems again I want you to know that we're putting our letter in our blog ( ) so there you can read mine and the letters of all my parners.

Well... in this one I I won't say anything about any vacation, I'll talk about myself.

As I told you, I live in a flat in the center of Madrid with my parents and my brother. My daddy is an architect so I only see him at night and on weekends. My mommy is a housewife, I'm always with her.
My brother is 19 and he's studying something like image and sound, sorry but I don't know exactly what it is, ha ha. We're really similar but we don't talk too much.
Now I'm studying 1º of “bachillerato”, you probably won't know what that is.. it is what you study here after junior high school.

In my opinion, there is nothing that I do well but I have a lot of hobbies. One thing that I really love is photography, I really enjoy it.
But there's something that I really love, and this is listening to music, I can't live without it. Everyday when I wake up, the first thing that I make is trun on my mobile and put some music (I have to do it in my mobile phone because the rest of my family are normally sleeping and I don't want to wake up them haha) and before I close my eyes at night is the last thing I do.
I like a lot of kinds of music and a lot of bands, some of them are Simple Plan, Jonas Brothers, All Time Low, Justin Bieber, The Maine, nevershoutnever, etc... I don't know if you know them, here some of them are famous but there are others that anyone knows.

In my free time I do different things, one is obviuously, listening to music. I like to turn on my radio with one of my CDs as loud as it can go and sing out loud, in this moment I'm going crazy, I love it! Of course I also enjoy lostening to music with my headphones and have some relax.
Another thing that I like to do in my free time is go to walk around downtown alone or with some friends, in my opinion Madrid is super beautiful and when I'm there, in the city center it is like problems don't exisist.
And another thing that I really like to do in my free time is be with my friends, I don't care where but probably the best thing to do is go to party, we have so much fun there!

And well, this is some things about me. I hope you like this letter!
I'm looking forward to getting your next letter.

Best wishes! Andrea

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