Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letter about me:

Hi, Rebecca!

How are you?I read your letter and it liked a lot.

I told you in the last letter that I was going to speak about me in this letter. I live in Madrid in a flat with my parents and my sister.

I study in the high school, I´m in first of bachillerato on the branch of social sciences, because I don´t like maths... it´s so difficult to understand for me, that´s why I choose the "easy maths". Too I study this year for first time economics. It´s difficult, but I like it more than maths!!! I like too the new subject: English oral communication; it´s more fun that the common English lesson, because we don´t study pages and pages of grammar, we practice amusing talks in differents situations, we watch videos and we listen music in English that we can bring...it´s very interesting for me.In the future, I´m not sure what I want to study yet. But I have in mind some options: I like journalism, psychology...because I like arts and the learning diferent languages.

I have a lot of hobbies:I like listening to music, watching TV, travelling, dancing, going out with my friends...I love too reading, but I don´t have a lot of time ,so I read in the summer holidays and at the weekend.I usually read books for teenagers,mistery books, comics,novels...So I use my free time for I reading( the last book that I read was "Breaking Dawn" of the saga Twilight and really like it, I love the saga Twilight, has you read it? ), go to shopping with my friends, go to the cinema and listening music( I like a lot of differents kinds of music, depending on the moment...)

I´m looking forward to getting your next letter!

Sara :D

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